An interior designer says Martha Stewart’s Christmas tree hack for small spaces could lead to a Pinterest fail

Martha Stewart

  • Martha Stewart shared an idea for "small-space" Christmas trees on her Instagram and website, but an interior designer says that trying to recreate it might lead to a "Pinterest fail."
  • Stewart's self-described "genius" hack involves cutting up garlands and placing them on sturdy hooks in the wall before decorating them as one would a traditional tree. 
  • A "Pinterest fail" describes an unintentionally shoddy recreation of a recipe or craft one might have seen on the website Pinterest.
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Martha Stewart, queen of all things lifestyle, shared a creative hack for people who are looking to get into the Christmas spirit but don't have space for a full-size tree: rows of branches resting on hooks in the wall.

However, an interior designer warns that imitating Stewart too closely in your own home might result in a "Pinterest fail."

"This idea from Martha Stewart is very creative and cute," Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors told Insider over email. 

"[But] I feel like it might result in a 'Pinterest fail' moment, trying to make it look just as perfect in your own home," she added.

A "Pinterest fail" is a term used to describe recreations of recipes, crafts, or design hacks that one might have seen on the social media website Pinterest that don't quite match up to the original thing. 

Stewart called the 'small-space' trees 'genius' and perfect for 'city apartments'

In her Instagram post, Stewart addressed "small-space dwellers" and described her minimalist set-up as perfect for "city apartments and tiny cottages, as well as any area in the home where floor space is at a premium."

Elaborating on the Instagram post, an article on went into more detail and instructed people to find sturdy hooks, cut up garlands using floral shears, and then rest the garlands on the hooks. 

"Keep it fresh and fragrant by misting with water, as you would the rest of your holiday greenery," the post said. 

An overwhelming majority of Stewart's 3.4 million Instagram followers seemed to enjoy the look of the tree.

"Fantastic idea!" one person wrote.

"This is such a great idea! I'm definitely doing this in my home!" said another. 

However, not everyone was inspired to re-create it. One person called the tree "kinda sad looking."

Both Stewart and Moore recommend keeping things 'traditional' while decorating these 'trees'

While the concept for the tree itself might be unique and new, Lisa Butterworth, who wrote about the idea on, recommends decorating the hung branches "just as you would a traditional tree."

Moore made a similar recommendation to Insider and said, "To decorate around this, we would keep things traditional and still place gifts at the base of the 'tree' and decorate it with ornaments, just as we would a full tree!"

The tree in the picture from Stewart's Instagram and website is decorated with silver and golden Christmas ornaments and has logs and presents in beige wrapping paper resting at the base.

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