Bath bouquets are the self-care hack you should be adding to your shower

Written by Amy Beecham

Take your at-home self care to the next level with these simple and natural bath bouquets.

As the colder months start to roll in, it becomes easier to remember to prioritise our self-care. Whether it’s taking it slow, getting into a journaling habit, trying out meditation or heading to a spa for some full-blown R&R, it’s important that our routine isn’t just an aesthetic to live up to, but actually helps us to look after ourselves properly.

But if a holistic retreat isn’t quite in your budget at the moment, why not bring the soothing spa experience to your bathroom with this clever aromatherapy hack?

Hanging fresh eucalyptus and other natural herbs in your shower or above your bath doesn’t just look pretty, it releases their health-boosting essential oils, creating an at-home steam room effect. Take it back to nature and pop plants in your shower, which studies have shown help relieve congestion, de-stress, boost blood circulation and even aid sleep.

Have a look at how people have been doing it over on Instagram and TikTok here:

Just pick your plant, apply pressure with a rolling pin, tie up with twine and you’re done.

Key natural ingredients for your bath bouquet 


The essential oils from eucalyptus help relieve congestion, making it perfect for winter when cold and cases of flu peak between December and February, says Drench’s bathroom expert, Dominic Lees-Bell. Eucalyptus oil has been reported effective in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation, making it perfect for relieving tight muscles after exercise, or easing body stress. 


A diffusion of peppermint essential oil can boost energy, alleviate feelings of nervous tension, stress, and irritability, according to Lees-Bell. 

With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, it has also been known to increase and improve circulation in the body as well as clear the respiratory tract, too. 


Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils, and is popular as a natural remedy for insomnia and improving sleep quality. Add this plant to your night-time bath bouquet to help you drift off quicker. 


This essential oil can help to relieve fatigue and boost mental activity, so is the perfect addition to your morning shower to start the day off right. Rosemary oil has also been reported to stimulate hair roots, improving growth and increasing circulation in the scalp.


Feeling overwhelmed? Lemongrass can help reduce feelings of nervousness and mental fatigue. According to Healthline, it has also been found to help relieve migraines and boost serotonin. 

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