Can you grow carrots from carrot tops

James Martin tells Ray Quinn he was world's fastest carrot peeler

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The humble carrot is one of the most loved and healthiest vegetables in the world. It has a number of benefits including improving your eye health and lowering your cholesterol levels. Only the bottom part of the root vegetable is actually eaten, but the top has many other uses.

Regrowing vegetables from scraps have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years as people seek out ways to cut down their waste.

Carrot tops can be used to grow healthy carrot greens.

These plants will continue to grow and eventually produce white flowers which can make an aesthetic addition to your home or garden. has compiled a guide to explain how you can grow carrot plants – in an easy way both you and children can enjoy.

How to grow carrots from carrot tops

Full root carrots cannot be grown from just the tops of the plant, however, you can grow the plant.

You can make a pretty fern-like houseplant or foliage for your garden from the tops of your carrots, rather than throwing them in the bin or compost heap.

Eventually, pretty white flowers will bloom from these plants making your work all the more worthwhile.

To grow a carrot plant from the carrot top, cut off an inch of the crown.

Place those tops into a plate or saucer – making sure it has a large enough flat surface to fit the carrot and other materials.

Add soul, sand, small pebbles and lukewarm water to the plate.

Ensure only the ends of the tops are dipped under a layer of water and soil.

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Pop this plate into a sunny part of your house.

After a few days, you will see small ferns begin to emerge.

These plants form a very decorative plant and can be as decor indoors or as a potted plant in your garden.

You can also put the plant into a hanging basket container, making sure to take around two inches of the carrot top and putting that into the soil.

Once they have sprouted baby greens, you can eat them.

Some people enjoy the baby greens, while others prefer them fully grown.

You can also use a plate and several layers of newspaper to grow the carrot plant.

Simply lay the newspaper on the bottom of a plate and soak it well with water.

There should be no standing water.

Set your pieces of carrot tops on top of the papers and in a few days you will see sprouts forming.

Make sure to keep the newspaper wet over the course of these days.

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