Check out the most delightfully OTT celebrity Christmas decorations so far this year

Written by Ella Glover

After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a bit more sparkle this festive season. Luckily, the (IRL) stars have quite literally aligned to bring us their endlessly enjoyable – but undeniably extra – decs to warm our hearts. 

With so much extra time on my hands this year, I expected to have a fully kitted-out Winter Wonderland in the living room of my two-person flat here in Manchester. I never celebrate Christmas in Manchester, but the idea of being stuck inside all winter without a shred of Christmas spirit was hurting my soul.

Of course, I never got around to it. This year, Christmas crept up on us almost as quickly as the sunset does in mid-December. Frankly, it still doesn’t quite feel like Christmas – despite the fact it’s happening *checks watch* in a few days – and what other way to get into the festive spirit than to gawk in envy at some of the gaudiest Christmas decorations this year.

If anyone knows how to do Christmas properly, it’s celebrities. And, you’ll be pleased to know that despite everything this year, they really came through for us. From trees taller than your average two-storey house, to decor fit for royalty and even fake snow, these are the most extra celebrity Christmas decorations of 2020. And, to whoever designed the original Santa’s grotto, I have one thing to say: Eat your heart out. 

Mariah Carey

This year, Mariah Carey season started way back on the 1st November, The Queen of Christmas herself shared a spooky reveal of her stunning 2020 Christmas decorations in the most iconic way possible. We love the snow and sparkly back-up trees. 

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash  

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash took the classic Christmas wreath to the next level this year. Their white and silver archway makes for the sweetest Winter Wonderland experience even before you get inside to see their matching Christmas tree. 

Tim McGraw

Talk about tall! Tim McGraw’s 20ft tall Christmas tree is one of the biggest we’ve seen, and set in front of the backdrop of the most glamorous bay window of all time! At least Santa won’t miss it. 

Porsha Williams 

Sorry, Mariah. It looks like there’s a new Queen of Christmas in town and she goes by the name of Porsha Williams. Porsha posed for People Magazine next to a tree certainly fit for royalty. The gold and red colourway goes nicely with her gown and red lip, too. 

Michelle Keegan

We see you, Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon’s perfect portal to wonderland, and raise you Michelle Keegan’s festive candy cane paradise, with two nutcracker guards to boot!

Kylie Jenner

It wouldn’t be a celebrity Christmas decorations round-up without a mention of at least one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. This year, Kylie might have even de-throned Kris with her festive efforts.

Ashley Tisdale 

Ashley Tisdale went back to her High School Musical roots this year, with a bright pink tree fit for no other than Sharpay Evans. Cute!

The Rock 

The Rock surprised us this year, with a beautifully lit, multi-coloured Christmas tree and the brightest tree topper we think we’ve ever seen! If that was my tree, I’d celebrate with a cheeky whisky (read: gin), too. 

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik 

Gigi and Zayn pulled out all the stops this year for their daughter’s first Christmas. The frosted finish and giant baubles make for one beautiful tree, and I bet we can guess which ornament was Zayn’s addition.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

Red and green should never be seen. Unless you’re a celeb with an eye for perfect Christmas decor. The red ribbon and hanging pinecones are the perfect accents for this stunning Christmas tree, and this classic colourway really makes the case for keeping tradition alive (we still love your pink tree, though, Ashley!).

Image: Getty/The Real Tokyo Life

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