Choosing a colour for your accent wall

Teja Lele Desai on unusual shades to explore for your living room accent wall

An accent wall adds immediate impact to any room. Make your living room striking by shunning the regular colour choices and opting for one of these fresh ones.

May we suggest getting the family together to give the accent wall a makeover? It’s something exciting to do in these times when the pandemic has put us all under house arrest.

1. Ebony

It is generally believed that dark colours make spaces look smaller. But, deep, dark colours can add to the illusion of space and might be perfect for smaller living rooms. Let’s not forget the intimate and cozy touch ebony gives.

2. Mustard

It may be an unexpected take, but the shade promises to be a winner if your space has furniture and décor items of earthy hues.

Extremely Mediterranean in nature, we think.

3. Wine

Wine and similar purples go well with formal spaces and that’s why are perfect apt for your living room.

If your drawing room has sparkly items such as a crystal chandelier, a dark purple shade will add richness. Conversations in such settings are known to last long into the night.

4. Fire engine red

There is nothing to be alarmed about this. Red is said to invigorate and enliven activity so use this shade to give your room a jolt of energy.

The intensity created by a bold red is matched by very few colours. You can tone down the other accessories if the room appears extra loud.

5. Graphite

Grey walls have the ability to highlight pretty architectural detailing that would otherwise go unnoticed with other colours.

If you are going for grey, you may want to paint everything the same shade and not leave out the trim or borders. This will help the eye move over the entire space as a whole.

6. Rouge

If your personality is vivacious, a bright pink may be your colour. Add a splash of colour to your living room with poppy pink and you will find your living room becoming the hot spot for everything lively!

If the pink looks too glaring, you can tone it down to a peachy pink.

7. Emerald

You can play with green if your furniture is unassuming. A rich emerald green can give the room a magnificent character clubbed with a few thoughtfully placed gold details. Visually stunning, we say.

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