Colours for the season

Teja Lele Desai on a few unusual combinations to experiment with

Come winter, and all you want to do is sip on hot chocolate, snuggle into your blanket, and settle down for some serious reading or a marathon TV session. Add to this the festive season, and you’re in for a treat.

We’re sure you have had your dose of Diwali décor — the earthen lamps, fairy lights and colourful flower vases. Why not try something different for the rest of the season? We bring you a list of unusual wintry colour combinations that will create the perfect ambience to wind down. Amp up the cosy element and enjoy the season!

Pumpkin and bottle green

This peachy shade of orange can create a cheerful tone. Accessorise with matching curtains and let the sunlight filter through them for a warm feeling. When paired with bottle green, which heightens contrast, it elevates the room to another level.

Orange and beige

Try this unusual colour combination for winter. Creating the right balance of these two colours can add an inviting appeal to any space. Add accessories such as lamps, table and striped curtains to enhance the look

Chocolate and cream

What’s not to love about this combination? Sure you’d love it more as an ice cream, but create a winter palette by offsetting dark brown with cream accents. A pop of orange or aqua will add cheer.

Red and gold is a great décor combination for the festive season ahead | Photo Credit: stocknroll

Red and gold

Red is always associated with energy and can help bring that energy into the foreground. It can be used as the main colour along with accents of gold to add opulence to a room.

Red and green

If Christmas is around the corner, can red and green be far behind? Experiment with hues — bright or soft red, moss or jade green? Green adds freshness and a sense of calm, perfectly offsetting the passion of red.

Amethyst and emerald

Amethyst purple and emerald green come together to create a room that’s sure to be the jewel in your home’s crown. The opulent colours create a strikingly rich room.

Charcoal and pink

The flirtiness of pink sets off the richness of charcoal grey, creating a room that you look forward to returning to.

Dove and turquoise

The dullness of a stolid grey gets a bolt of vitality with turquoise accents and accessories.

Moss and Ivory

Mossy green and creamy ivory — what’s not to like about this gorgeous combination? Ideal for a formal dining room or a calming bedroom.

A white and blue living room  | Photo Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Indigo and white

There’s something about crisp white linen against dark Indigo. It brings to mind an Indian summer, perfect when you’re in the midst of winter.

Jade and silver

Just like in jewellery, jade and silver come together perfectly in home décor. Shots of silver add sparkle and shine to the gravitas of jade.

Coral and chocolate

A warm chocolate brown brightened up by the vibrant tones of coral creates a wonderfully inviting ambience.

Camel and orange

Camel is calm and toned down, orange is fiery and attention-seeking. Together, they can work magic in any space.

Greige and crimson

The light hues of this new neutral are perfectly balanced by the dark undertones of crimson red.

Black and White

This is a pairing that never goes out of style. This classic juxtaposition of the yin and the yang can be dressed up warmly for winter.

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