Cult nightwear brand Sleeper’s homeware launch will make your place look all kinds of chic

Always wanted a pair of Instagram’s favourite pyjamas? Well, your must-buy list from Sleeper is about to get a lot longer with the launch of a new homeware collection. 

You would have had to be living under a rock not to notice Sleeper’s now cult pyjamas that have been all over our Instagram feeds for the last few years. 

Lined with fluff, fur or feathers, these playful nightwear sets have long since graduated from the bedroom and are worn as evening attire – often spotted in posts celebrating weddings, birthdays and big nights out.

So, considering the widespread love that Sleeper’s nightwear has garnered, it was only a matter of time before the brand branched out to give us more of its on-point style in other areas. 

And, voila – at a time when our homes have become our everything, Sleeper has launched a select edit of homeware to keep your place decorated to the chicest standard.

The collection is a love letter to the founder’s homeland of Ukraine and consists of bathroom accessories such as a ceramic soap dish and small holder, meadow-scented candles in citrus hues and delicately embroidered table linens inspired by Ukrainian village folk art painter Maria Prymachenko’s paintings.

“We want to invite you to the trip around Ukraine with its scents of wild herbs, sewing workshops, pottery,Ukrainian naïve style embroidery, and of course the kindness of which our land is full,”– says the brand’s founders Kate Zubareva and Asya Varetsa. “Everything that is hidden from the tourist’s eyes revealed itself and transformed into this home collection.” 

The collection mainly serves the bathroom with a few pieces for the kitchen and bedroom too, but as most pieces have a neutral feel they can be mixed and matched around the home. 

Currently, the range spans nine products but this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Sleeper in the world of interior design and we predict there will be more coming soon. 

Here we’ve picked out five of our favourite pieces from the launch – happy shopping!

  • Herbal apothecary scented candle

    Sleeper candle

    This simple candle was created to honour Europe’s abundance of natural beauty.

    It is scented with wormwood and wild herbs to bring a sense of peace and comfort. 

    Sleeper suggests keeping it on your bedside table and making it part of your unwinding bedtime routine.

    Shop herbal apothecary scented candle at Sleeper, £40

    Buy now

  • Lumpy ceramic set in mint and pink

    Sleeper ceramic set

    This playful bathroom set is a cute and quirky way to update your cabinet or sink.

    Use as a soap holder and place to put your toothbrush, but you know, make it fashion.

    Although we’re huge fans of the mint and pink combo, it also comes in a creamy beige for those who prefer to keep things neutral. 

    Shop lumpy ceramic set in mint and pink at Sleeper, £47.50

    Buy now

  • Naiv Richelieu linen large tablecloth

    Sleeper tablecloth

    Give your tablescape a cottagecore feel with this sweet tablecloth.

    It is made from Ukrainian linen with exquisitely sewn cotton lace accents, featuring delicate, folkloric motifs.

    Shop Naiv Richelieu linen large tablecloth at Sleeper, £58.50

    Buy now

  • Dandelion wine scented candle

    Sleeper candle

    Who wouldn’t want to own such a whimsical-sounding scented candle?

    Sleeper describes it as a “green fragrance” with a base of wild herbs, dandelions and marigolds. 

    It has a herbal aroma bouquet which opens up with bittersweet notes and would be ideal for using in a bedtime ritual.

    Shop dandelion wine scented candle at Sleeper, £40

    Buy now

  • Naiv Richelieu linen set of two hand towels

    Sleeper hand towels

    Guests will thank you after taking a trip to the bathroom with these impossibly chic hand towels.

    The set is made from Ukrainian linen with exquisitely sewn cotton lace accents. 

    Plus, they can double as serving napkins.

    Shop Naiv Richelieu linen set of two hand towels at Sleeper, £40

    Buy now

Images: Sleeper

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