David and Victoria Beckham granted permission to build lake at £6m Cotswolds home

David and Victoria Beckham have been granted planning permission to create a huge lake in the grounds of their Cotswolds estate, despite protests from some of their neighbours. West Oxfordshire district council has given permission to create the kidney-shaped water feature, but there are a few criteria they must meet.

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The fashion designer and retired footballer will have to plant hedgerows and trees to protect native birds, and also use special lights to help bats. The lake must also have an underground chamber – known as a hibernacula – to help support wildlife including reptiles, amphibians and hedgehogs.

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David and Victoria will also be required to submit a five-year maintenance plan to the council to show they will support the area’s biodiversity with the newest addition to their property.

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According to plans submitted by the couple, the lake will have a surface area of 2,976 square metres and maximum depth of four metres. The design statement says the lake will “will function as a wind barrier and habitat, as well as enhancing the privacy of the house”. They also say it will “improve the landscape” by providing a habitat for wildlife.

The Beckhams have been granted permission to add a lake to their Cotswolds estate

However, not all of the family’s neighbours approved of their plans, with some calling the lake “monstrous” and “out of keeping” with the local area.

The lake is not the only addition David and Victoria are planning to make to their second home; the couple have also submitted plans to construct a three-room wooden building for guards, as well as an underground getaway tunnel and wine cellar, in a bid to improve security at the residence.

Other changes the couple have made in recent months including bulldozing the £30,000 tennis court they had previously installed for their son Romeo, which they have replaced with a football pitch.

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