David Domoney shares water bottle trick to stop plants from drying out in warm weather

This Morning: David Domoney gives advice on planting in pots

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Planting flowerpots are a popular option for many keen gardeners because they are easily transportable as well as helping to eliminate weed problems. Expert David Domoney gave This Morning viewers advice today explaining the best way to keep them alive and looking colourful.

With warmer weather on its way, March is a great time to start planting shrubs and potting plants. 

While it may seem like a simple task, David Domoney shared some important tips on how to keep a container plot looking its best for longer.

Filling up a large plant pot, the expert started putting soil to create the base for his plants.

The gardener said: “Fill it up up peat free compost, I’m actually using a converted milk carton to help me scoop everything in.

“Start by adding some evergreen structure…These evergreens will give me colour in this container almost all year round.

“When your spring flowering plants finish you can then keep your evergreens and put in your summer flowering plants like your fuchsias and your geraniums.

“When they tire at the end of the summer, you can put your autumn bedding in as well but these evergreens will remain as your backbone.”

When the garden is looking dull in the winter months, evergreens are a great option to keep the colour in your outdoor space.

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Spring is also a great time to start potting these types of shrubs to allow them to grow, although they shouldn’t be planted when the weather is too warm.

The expert also shared a great tip on making sure the plant gets enough water during the hotter days of the year.

He took a small used water bottle and poked some holes through it with a screwdriver.

He then placed it in the middle of the pot and pushed some soil around the bottle to make sure it wasn’t too visible.

David explained: “When you’ve finished watering the container, you can fill up the bottle as well and it will slowly seep out on very hot days and give moisture just when it needs it.”

This tip is also great if the plants will not be watered for a couple of days as the plant will use the water exactly when it needs it to keep moist. 

The water bottle can also be tucked right into the compost and surrounded by flowers so that it is completely hidden from view. 

Plants will die if they aren’t watered enough because the roots will dry up, but they will also die if they become waterlogged because the saturated soil leads to a deficiency in oxygen for the plant. 

David also shared how to keep the pot plants looking their best for as long as possible.

One way to do so is to make sure that all of your pot plants have good drainage so that they don’t have too much water in them.

He said: “Good drainage is important to make sure the plants don’t get waterlogged and rot…So I use wine corks to raise the containers off the ground.

“A good tip is if you’ve got pots and container underneath the eaves of the house quite close to the wall, sometimes the rain doesn’t actually get through to them.”

If you don’t have any wine corks, then making sure they are placed on a saucer or placing the plant pot into another pot is essential in keeping the plant in good health. 

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