‘Destroyed my plants!’ Mrs Hinch fans share 85p hack for deterring squirrels from gardens

Grey squirrels are ‘destructive’ says Douglas-Home in 2020

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Squirrels are adorable creatures that are often welcome visitors in most British gardens. However, large groups of squirrels can often cause havoc, with some Britons suggesting they have chewed through their garden furniture and invaded their loft space. Fans of cleaning and tidying sensation Mrs Hinch have offered their advice on how to deter squirrels.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame after she shared her incredible cleaning and tidying tips.

Some of her tips include cleaning garden furniture and tidying up the garden.

On a Mrs Hinch gardening tips social media group with almost 100,000 members, a user asked how they can deter squirrel from their garden.

They asked: “How can I get rid of squirrels from my garden? My neighbour is feeding them.”

The post was inundated with hundreds of comments with a plethora of suggestions.

Some of the most common responses suggested using spices to get rid of them.

One person said: “Cayenne pepper… hot chilli powder that works for me… they are destructive!

“As much as I think they are cute I don’t like my plants getting destroyed!”

Another individual said: “Not sure if this helps, but I read the other day to put some chilli flakes in your feeders, it deters the squirrels, but birds are okay.”

A third replied: “Have you tried Cayenne pepper? It seems to work but reapply if it rains.”

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A fourth gardening fan suggested using cinnamon.

A fifth user agreed: “They’re lovely and I also love having them but last year they destroyed all my husband’s plants.

“So he had to cover his pots and spread some cinnamon in it.

“It kept them away from the pots but still coming into our garden for nuts.”

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You can buy crushed chillies and cinnamon from Sainsbury’s for 85p or cayenne pepper for £1.

Other suggestions included putting large ornaments in the garden in the shape of birds or cats so the squirrels think they’re “prey”.

One person said: “You can get large ornamental birds of prey that deter squirrels.

“That might help maybe?! Give that a try. And hey, that might look pretty in your garden too.”

Another person replied: “If they are a problem for you try the ornamental birds of prey they do one somewhere that can be attached on your fence.

“If the only way to the neighbours garden is through yours you might not deter them.

“They are lovely but they can be a real problem if you become overrun like anything else.”

A third suggested: “Read to put an ornamental cat in the garden, it has seemed to work a bit not seen many since.”

A fourth said: “I heard that an owl ornament could help.”

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