Does lemon juice kill weeds? Top tips for homemade weedkillers

B&Q demonstrates how to stop weeds using newspaper

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Weeds can pop up in any garden, wreaking havoc and generally looking unsightly. Whether it’s on your lawn, between paving stones or in borders, tackling weeds can be a time-consuming task, and store-bought weedkillers can be costly.

Gardens are under attack from a wide range of weeds, from moss to ivy, dandelions to daisies.

Chickweed, bittercress and prickly milk thistle can all pop up where they are least wanted, and spread rapidly.

With pulling weeds by hand taking a long time and often being very strenuous, gardeners are turning to at-home recipes for killing off weeds.

Whether this involves salt, lemon juice or white vinegar, these methods are significantly cheaper than store-bought cleaners.

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Does lemon juice kill weeds?

One natural solution gardeners have been raving about when it comes to weed management is lemon juice.

Lemon juice will kill weeds, due to its acidic nature.

The acid in the lemon juice will kill weeds – as it erodes the waxy coating on the outside of the plant, which dries it out and kills it.

However, don’t use lemon juice if the weeds are close to other plants as the mixture doesn’t discriminate and will kill most plants.

This method is ideal for isolated spots of weeds or for between pavers.

Lemon juice is effective on its own, but you can also mix with white vinegar for a stronger weed killer.

Below are some recipes for natural weedkillers.

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White vinegar and lemon juice

You will need

  • Lemon juice
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray bottle or watering can

Simply mix together four ounces (113 ml) of lemon juice with a quart (roughly 1 litre) of vinegar.

Spray or pour over your weed problems, and this will see errant plants killed off in days.

This weedkiller is non-toxic, however, take care not to get it anywhere near your eyes as it will sting.

Salt and white vinegar

While the traditional salt and vinegar combo goes on your fish and chips, swap malt vinegar for white vinegar and you have an effective weedkiller.

You will need

  • A bucket
  • Long-handled spoon
  • Funnel
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • 1-gallon five percent acetic acid vinegar (standard white vinegar should work)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Table salt

First, mix the white vinegar and one cup of table salt into the bucket – and mix with a spoon.

Add two tablespoons of washing up liquid and mix well.

The washing up liquid makes sure the mixture sticks to the plants when sprayed on.

Using the funnel, pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

Spritz over your weeds, making sure to coat them well – both under and over the leaves.

Bear in mind this method will damage all plants so only use on areas you want to kill.

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