‘Don’t be fooled by rain!’ Gardeners’ World expert shares key watering ‘top tips’

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As the weather heats up once again in the UK, Britons may be wondering whether they need to change their watering schedule. When temperatures rise, you do need to make sure you water your plants at least daily. However, it’s important when watering your plants to use the correct technique and not rely on rainfall to do the job for you.

Gardeners’ World expert Kevin Smith has explained how to water your pot plants and why you still need to water your plants after it rains.

In a No Fuss Guide video for Gardeners’ World, Kevin shared an important “top tip”.

He said: “Don’t be fooled by rain! If you think it’s rained and you don’t need to water a container, you’re probably wrong.

“All of this leafy foliage covers the compost surface meaning that no rain really reaches anything at all.”

The Gardeners’ World expert also said regular maintenance is an “important part” of keeping a container in “tip top shape”.

If you don’t look after them, your container plants could die and “not look very nice”.

He explained further: “The most important thing to keep on top of is watering.

“It’s something you do from the first moment you plant the container and you should do it regularly throughout the container’s life.

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“When you’re watering, make sure you direct the flow of the water straight at the compost.

“You don’t want to sprinkle the leaves as this doesn’t really do any good.

“Go gently too so that no water splashes over the side and is wasted.”

Kevin said you should also consider the types of plants you have.

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For instance, some plants require a lot more watering than others.

Crops like tomato plants may need watering a couple of times a day in hot weather.

However, other plants may not need as much water.

The gardening expert continued: “If you’ve got really thirsty things like crops or tropical cannas, they’re going to need lots of water.

“They’re really thirsty and need to have lots of moisture in the compost to stay healthy.

“Other things don’t need quite so much.

“Things like pelargoniums and begonias can cope with a little bit less water and in fact, they don’t really like it if they do become too wet.

“In the heat of summer a pot like this is going to need much more water than in the cooler winter months.”

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