‘Don’t mow it for a month!’ Monty Don shares how to repair lawns in September

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BBC Gardeners’ World lead host Monty Don has shared more tips on his website, montydon.com. Each month, Monty shares what jobs British gardeners can be getting on with. For September, Monty said gardeners can repair their lawns, sow grass seed, take cuttings, aerate their lawns and ripen tomatoes, among other tasks.

Monty described September as the “ideal time of year” to sow new grass seed, turf or repair your lawn.

If you find your lawn is looking a little worn and bare in places, then you may need to put down some new seed.

To do this, Monty recommended raking away any thatch and moss, removing all weeds and thinly scattering the grass seed on the area.

Water the area, keeping it damp and watch the seed germinate “in days”.

Monty wrote: “Do not mow it for at least a month and if it looks unsightly going into winter, clip the new growth with shears.

“For a larger area, clean the edges with a sharp spade, fork it over to remove any compaction and either scatter with seed or cut a piece of turf to fit, making sure that the edges are butted tightly against the existing grass.

“Like grass seed, it is important that turf should not be walked on or mown until growing vigorously which will indicate that the roots have become established and are growing strongly.

“Depending on the weather, this may mean leaving it uncut until next spring.”

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Monty also said September is also a good time to aerate your lawn.

Throughout the summer, your lawn is exposed to multiple elements and feet.

Even if your lawn looks “unscathed”, Monty said aerating is a “good idea”.

Aeration provides air circulation for your lawn while ensuring that water and nutrients will be better absorbed.

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Air circulation allows carbon dioxide to escape and more oxygen to be absorbed.

To aerate your lawn, Monty recommended using a fork.

He said: “You can use a fork by working the tines into the ground at 12-inch intervals or, for a larger lawn, hire a rolling hollow-tine or slitter.

“Ideally, this is followed by working sand into the holes they create with a stiff brush.”

He then suggested raking the grass to remove moss and thatch.

On tonight’s episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty will offer seasonal advice from Longmeadow for keeping gardens colourful.

Will Young will also be showcasing his south London courtyard garden.

Joe Swift will be helping will create seasonal pot displays for sun and shade.

Gardeners’ World airs tonight at 9pm on BBC Two

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