Drew Barrymore Launching a Lifestyle Magazine Named Drew in June: 'This Has Been My Draem'


Drew Barrymore is expanding her media empire!

The actress, 46, announced on Wednesday that she will be launching her very own lifestyle magazine called Drew in June with Bauer Media Group. 

The announcement was made on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, as the mom of three told her audience that the publication will "cover some of the things we talk about here on the show and more: beauty, food, travel, inspiring stories and people, and, of course, news."

"This has been my dream since I was a pre-teenager ripping out tear sheets from every magazine imaginable," she told fans. "I hope this little collection of pages brings you joy and provides some escape from everyday life," she told fans.

Barrymore has been working on the project for more than two years, and will serve as the magazine's editor-in-chief. Her friends Crystal Meers and Christy Doramus will serve as editorial director and editor at large, respectively. 

As editor-in-chief, the star aims to make the publication fun, personal and practical, she says, with a focus on her love of shopping and beauty. (She already has several product lines, including Flower Beauty, Flower Home and new kitchenware brand Beautiful under her belt). It will also include a section called "Dear Drew" — modeled after a segment on her talk show — where she will answer questions sent in by readers.

"I know there will be an inherent identity to this magazine that is very commercial and very personal," Barrymore told WWD. "Those are the two things that I think are our strongest point of view right now and our optimism. I call our show optimism TV. This is an optimism magazine."

The magazine will be issued quarterly in print, with only a landing page as its digital presence. Barrymore told fans that the tangible aspect of this is very important to her.

"I'm kicking it old school because magazines have been one of the greatest influences in my life," she said of her decision to focus on print, recalling how as a kid she would plaster her walls with cut-outs from her favorite issues. "The fact that I can look back at my 12-year-old self and tell her she's the founder of a new magazine is such a good feeling. It's just very full circle." 

The first issue of Drew is set to debut exclusively at Walmart on June 14, 2021. It will retail for $9.99. The issue will then hit newsstands nationwide the following week. 

Steven Kotok, president of Bauer Media, told WWD that Barrymore will grace the cover of the first issue, but that it's too early to say whether she will be on every cover. "The reader will always decide," he said.

"My goal with the magazine is to get to do a second one and to keep going from there," Barrymore told the publication. "You just need chances, so I hope to get the chance to do another one… I am completely invested and I'm going to do all I can from here."

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