Female-Founded Friday: a tiny brand making wonderful woven wares

As part of our new series, Female-Founded Friday, we take a look at some of our favourite female-owned homeware brands.   

If your home, aka your sanctuary, in need of a little spruce – which is to say, a certain je ne sais quoi, then you may well be in the market for something from female-owned brand, La Basketry.

Launched in 2017 by French entrepreneur Tabara N’Diaye, La Basketry crafts woven pieces – think baskets, coasters, place mats and bowls – all of which are made in N’Diaye’s native Senegal.

Indeed, it was the African country which inspired La Basketry in the first place. After becoming disillusioned by her role in events, N’Diaye established the brand after being inspired by the Senegalese region Thies (where her family is based) and its signature weaving technique. What began as a small clutch of basket weavers making stylish homeware has since expanded to La Basketry, which now encompasses DIY basket-weaving kits, accessories and even a craft book.

The beauty of La Basketry lies in its universal appeal; the fact that there’s not a surface the world over which wouldn’t benefit from one of the brand’s colourful woven wares, for here’s a brand with baskets upon baskets of soul. These are the pieces we’re adding to our baskets this week. 

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The pieces to add to your baskets from this female-founded homeware brand

  • La Basketry Anne storage bowl

    La Basketry Anne storage bowl

    Perfect for using as a fruit bowl, or general storage statement, this pink woven dish promises to add a splash of colour to any home space.

    Shop La Basketry Anne storage bowl, £32


  • La Basketry handwoven picnic basket

    La Basketry handwoven picnic basket

    It might no longer be picnic season, but that doesn’t mean for the next time it rolls around, you won’t need a basket. This is one of our favourites.

    Shop La Basketry handwoven picnic basket, £59


  • La Basketry woven tissue box cover

    La Basketry woven tissue box cover

    Tissue box covers are the trend to know in the homeware trend. This monochrome woven iteration is the perfect entree.

    Shop La Basketry woven tissue box cover, £26


  • La Basketry Safi woven serving tray

    La Basketry Safi woven serving tray

    If you’re prone to a lazy breakfast in bed, then you definitely won’t begrudge buying this pastel-toned serving tray for your leisurely mornings.

    Shop La Basketry Safi woven serving tray, £49


  • La Basketry Basket book

    La Basketry Basket book

    It’s now not just enough to have baskets, you need a coffee table book on the topic too. Pile high with other tomes to make a serious splash.

    Shop La Basketry Basket book, £15


  • La Basketry woven trinket dish

    La Basketry woven trinket dish

    If you, like the rest of us, are prone to misplacing jewellery and other trinkets, then you’ll jump for joy at this pretty dish, which is perfect for hosting all of those little bits and pieces.

    Shop La Basketry woven trinket dish, £6.50


  • La Basketry handwoven fan

    La Basketry handwoven fan

    For when the sun sporadically decides to put its hat on again, invest in a fan to keep you feeling and looking cool.

    Shop La Basketry handwoven fan, £16


Images: courtesy of brands.

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