Five easy steps to growing your own avocados

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Avocados need warm and humid conditions to grow. However, you might also see an avocado tree in the UK if it can be grown in a frost-free, sheltered, microclimate somewhere in the south. It is rare these trees will produce good fruit, but if you choose to grow your avocado inside your home you should be able to grow a lovely houseplant.

Avocado sales have skyrocketed in recent years.

More than 6,000 avocados are sold every hour in the UK, which is a rise of 184 percent in the last five years, according to the World Avocado Organization.

The unique fruit is known to have lots of health benefits, including improving digestion, decreasing the risk of depression and protecting against cancer.

Next month is World Avocado Month, when lovers of the creamy food can delight in it, along with other fans.

Five easy steps to growing your own avocados

Step one

The first and most important part of growing avocados is to save your avocado pit.

You must make sure not to cut or break your pit and wash off any residue before beginning.

Allow the pit to dry and then insert three to four toothpicks about halfway up the side of the pit.

Step two

The second step is to suspend the pit broad end down in a drinking glass or jar.

You should then fill a container with water.

It is best to use enough water to submerge the bottom third of the seed.

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Step three

The next step is to place your glass with the pit in a warm area out of direct sunlight.

You should then change the water regularly to ensure growth.

Roots and a sprout will begin to appear around two to six weeks afterwards.

If these do not appear after six weeks, you should begin the entire process again with another seed.

Step four

After the two to six-week period has passed and you can see the roots and a sprout, you may be ready to take the next steps.

You should wait until the sprout gets to around six inches tall and then cut it back.

Cut the sprout back to around three inches tall to encourage more root growth

Step five

Once the stem of your avocado pip has grown again, you should place the pit in a 10-inch pot filled with rich potting soil.

Tips to remember

You should place your pot with your avocado plant in a sunny spot and water it lightly, but often.

Aim to keep the soil moist but refrain from allowing it to become too wet.

Trees can go outdoors during the summer as long as temperatures remain 7C.

Make sure to water your plant at least twice or three times a week to ensure it continues to grow well.

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