Five plant jobs you MUST do in your garden this September

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Summer is coming to an end – September is here and it’s time to get your garden ready for the colder months. There are some crucial jobs you can do in your garden this month that will make for successful winter vegetables, beautiful flowers at the start of spring and even set you up for next summer. What are the five most important jobs in the garden this September?

As the temperature drops and the days start getting shorter, there are some important jobs you must do in your garden as the seasons change in September.

It’s now getting late in the year for flowers, but if you’ve got a vegetable patch it’s time for the harvest.

Don’t forget that flowering bulbs for spring will need to go in – you’ll be thanking yourself in spring 2022.

Although the hot days of summer are behind us, you’ll want to get out in your garden as much as you can in September, before it gets too chilly to spend the day outside.

What are the five jobs that you must get round to in September?

Plant spring bulbs

We’re readying ourselves for autumn and winter at the moment, but you’ll be so glad you made time to plant your bulbs when the first days of spring arrive and you’ve got a beautiful blooming garden.

Bulbs are really easy to plant and the results are tremendous.

The bulbs you plant in September are hardy enough to last the cold winter months, before producing colourful flowers in the spring.

Plant daffodils, crocus and hyacinths by the end of September.

Summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies, alliums and crocosmia can also be planted in September.

Plant your bulbs in groups for the most impactful display.

The amount you can plant depends on the size of your garden, but the more the merrier.

Water the bulbs once you’ve planted them, but they should look after themselves over the dormant winter months.

Keep an eye on them and check the ground doesn’t dry out completely, but otherwise they should be self-sufficient.

Plant a winter hanging basket

September is the perfect time to change your hanging basket displays with winter flowers.

By choosing hardy plants, and deadheading regularly, you can have a beautiful hanging basket into the winter months.

Ideal plants for winter baskets include Box, Crocus, Ivy (Hedera), Cyclamen and Viola.

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Harvest crops

Many of the delicious vegetables you’ve been growing over summer will now be ready to be harvested and enjoyed.

Onions, potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes and apples are all ready to be picked and brought in, so make sure you’ve got some recipes in mind to make the most of your seasonal produce.

Sow seeds for the winter harvest

Once you’ve harvested any vegetables you’ve been growing, you’ve got space to sow the next lot of winter and early spring greens.

Leafy vegetables like spinach can be planted now, broad beans and peas can be planted for next spring. Onions, garlic and shallots can also be planted now.

Speedy growing crops like turnips and radishes can be planted in September too.

Collect seeds from your favourite flowers for next year

Right now, the seeds from your favourite flowers of the summer are lovely and ripe.

September is the perfect time to collect seeds from all your favourite flowers and store them in labelled envelopes to plant next spring.

This way you can enjoy your flowers again next year, without having to go to the garden centre and shell out for new plants.

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