Five vegetables you should sow this week – September gardening and allotment tips

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September is upon us and with it comes a new opportunity to bring your garden or allotment to life. Although the autumn season means cooler temperatures and often less sun, it is the perfect time to plant an array of vegetables.

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Starting this week, green-thumbed Britons should consider preparing overwintering vegetables in time for next spring.

Onions, shallots and garlic

Onions and shallots are best planted between September and October, as these seeds are less sensitive to cold exposure.

Planting onion sets in September also offers the opportunity for an earlier crop in the coming year.

However, soil that is prone to waterlogging should be avoided as this can increase the risk of disease.

Garlic, though often sown in the spring, is also well suited to being planted between September and early December.

Autumn planted garlic grows larger bulbs compared with those sown earlier in the year.

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Cabbages planted in September are likely to be ready for harvest by the spring months.

Typically, cabbage seeds are initially raised in pots or seedbeds, before being sown into their final plot.

Once they have grown approximately five leaves, the vegetables will be ready for planting in their main growing positions.

For those running a little behind schedule, cabbages can also be sown in October.

Before sowing cabbages, it is vital gardeners pick a patch of well firmed down soil.

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Turnips can be sown on bare soil in September, and are often fast-growing.

These root vegetables are particularly well suited to cool, moist conditions, which is why they thrive in the autumn months.

Unlike many other vegetables, they will also be ready long before spring.

Typically, turnips sown in September will be ready by November to December.

Turnips should be watered regularly, particularly during dry bouts.

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Radishes are another fast-growing plant, with September sowed vegetables normally ready within a few weeks.

However, they should be sown as close to the beginning of the month as possible to ensure a healthy autumn crop.

While radishes grow easily in the ground, they can also be planted in grow bags.

Soil should be kept moist to ensure radishes grow at a decent pace.

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Leafy greens, including spinach, are well suited to being sown in September.

Spinach is an overwintering plant, meaning the crop should be ready by spring.

Often, the vegetable is best planted later in the month so that it has plenty of time to become fully established.

However, it is important to protect spinach against harsh winter weather.

Horticulturalists recommend covering the plant with fleece from October onwards.

Throughout the growth period, it is important to keep plants weeds and thinned.

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