For your winter fabric haul

Silk, corduroy or hemp? The list is endless, says Teja Lele Desai

Shouldn’t the change of season mean a change of your home’s setting so it turns into a warm and cosy haven, no matter what the weather is like outside? These fabrics will weave in warmth into your home without compromising on style:


This tight-knit and strong fabric is stylish and flexible. Once used by the British upper class, it’s a popular choice amongst many these days. It may have traditionally spelt country when worn as coats, jackets or trousers, but there’s no reason why you can’t explore it for furnishings. Cushion covers maybe? Or give a favourite chair an update?


The material has been a prized fabric down the ages and is still much sought after because it adds a luxurious and opulent appeal. It works extremely well for temperate and cold winters. This tough natural material is easy to wash and doesn’t lose its colour, strength or shape. Try it as a lovely pair of drapes, a runner or get a custom bedspread.


A heavy-duty fabric, it can help create a variety of looks — casual, formal, rustic or elegant. Lighter and brighter colours such as pale yellow, cornflower blue and celery green create a fresh interior palette, and lend themselves well to family rooms.

Darker shades such as charcoal, sandstone and chocolate create a more formal ambience. Look for varying wales (the width of the cord; the number of ridges per inch) to create different statements.


Most of us associate leather with very cold climates or snow-capped mountain tops. However, it is a round-the-year fabric that’s good for moderately cold countries. This versatile, multi-functional and natural material can help you create a surfeit of settings — be it masculine, rustic, elegant or modern.

Leather exudes a classy appeal — it lends your room a subtle grace, an elegant grandeur which is not possible with regular furniture.


Symbolising elegance and style, it is a product of several fabrics like linen, silk, wool, mohair and cotton. This elegant material is meant for special occasions and can make a luxurious statement.

What can you do? Upholster a pouf, even a sofa or add lavish throw pillows. Also explore velveteen and velour, similar fabrics which provide the same qualities.

Lighter fabrics

Hemp, cotton and bamboo are light natural fabrics and can be used in winter. They add a laid back style to any space. Add a couple of shaggy rugs, a warm throw on the sofa and yellow lighting to create the cosiest winter setting ever.

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