Garden deals: Cheap swimming pools and furniture to stay cool in the hot weather

Britain is in the midst of summer which means staying cool is important in order to prevent heat stroke and overheating. Swimming pools can come at a price, especially when buying large ones to cater for a family. Livingsocial has released its summer swimming pool deals as well as other items that can keep you cool in the hot weather.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to spend lots of time in the garden and enjoy the outside.

The Bestway Fast Set swimming pool is selling on Livingsocial for just £17.99 down from £63.

Sizes and shapes vary but is heavy duty and can fit the whole family in.

Livingsocial says that the swimming pool is easy to deflate and store, making it suitable to use year after year.

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The voucher code is valid until September 18 and can be redeemed with your unique voucher code after purchasing.

If you’re looking for something to keep your pets cool in the heat then the Folding Pet Pool comes in two sizes and can also be used to give your pet a bath too.

It comes in two different sizes depending on the size of your pet and retails at just £12.99 reduced from just £29.99.

This is valid until October 7 and you can buy multiples at any one time.

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You can also purchase a cooling mat if your pet does not like the water which comes in small, medium and large and is ideal for cat and dog owners.

The website says: “We’re offering you a small foldable cooling mat for pets for just £8.99, a medium cooling mat for just £9.99, or a large cooling mat for just £10.99.”

• Small: 40cm x 60cm
• Medium: 50cm x 70cm
• Large: 90cm x 60cm

Children swimming pools are also available in seven different sizes in a variety of different patterns and can be bought for just £7.99.

Made from durable plastic, the paddling pools also come with repair patches if needed.

The website says: “There isn’t a more fun way to stay cool than getting one of these pools for your back garden! Coming in seven sizes, your little ones can roam around the water in everything from small round pools to space-ships to large aquarium play centres with a slide!

“They’re easy to inflate and store away, plus each comes with a repair patch kit in case your little (or big) kids get a little too boisterous. Perfect!”

If you’re looking to keep cool without heading into any water then a parasol may be the best option for you to help block the sun.

A stylish three metre garden parasol is discounted to just £94 from £249.99 and comes in five different colours so you can pick your favourite colour.

The colours are navy, beige, black, green or grey and comes with a steel frame to keep it up.

LED solar lights are also built in on the inside which makes this perfect for those summer evenings.

Livingsocial says: “With a three-metre diameter and water-resistant, polyester fabric to protect you from the elements, this parasol is perfect for a garden gathering. Whether you want shade from the sun or somewhere to huddle when the rain comes, this umbrella fits the bill!”

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