Gardeners’ World: How Adam Frost’s brutal confession explains love of flowers

Adam Frost’s name and face has been added to the ever-growing list of gardeners on the BBC’s flagship gardening show, Gardeners’ World. The Essex native moved to Devon with his family when he was a 15-year-old. Such a move while in the transitioning teenage years was a tough ride.

The move across the country, he explained in a 2019 House Beautiful interview, added to his already tense relationship with his father.

He admitted: “My relationship with my father wasn’t great, I disengaged with education and by 16 I’d moved out, looking for a job.”

With all the responsibilities of the adult world thrust upon him in his mid-teens, he briefly considered joining the army.

It appeared the only place to offer a residence, salary, and comradeship that was lacking in an unfamiliar part of the UK.

Growing up helping his grandparents with their allotment, however, had instilled a certain zeal for plants and flowers and a potential alternative career path.

He said: “So, I got a job working in the Devon parks, which is when I fell in love with gardening.”

The park job acted as a springboard for Adam’s gardening journey.

He said: “I was incredibly lucky to get a job with the legendary Gardeners’ World presenter Geoff Hamilton when I was 21.

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“Working for him had a huge influence on me and cemented my passion for plants.”

It was here that Adam crafted his trade as a landscape gardener.

In 2016, he told the Radio Times: “Geoff’s the one who turned the light on for me.

“I get goosebumps just thinking about it.”


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In the same year, at the age of 46, Adam made his debut appearance on Gardeners’ World – an event which had become something of a life’s goal.

His being a permanent feature of the show came as the programme doubled its length to fill an hour’s worth of film.

He joined several other fresh faces in giving Gardeners’ World estimated 2.6 million followers tips and tricks.

Adam has repeatedly been labelled as the “protégé” of the late Geoff.

The Radio Times went as far as to say he had “unconsciously absorbed some of Hamilton’s style,” having the “unforced and engaging enthusiasm, his easy, man-of-the-people approach and broad London accent, his empathy with other gardeners, whatever their background or aspirations, and his lack of pretension.”

Adam told the publication that “If you are going to do television, you just have to be yourself”.

His mentor and inspiration, Geoff sadly passed away in 1996.

Soon after, Adam set up his own landscape contracting company.

It was here that the young gardener discovered an aptitude and an enthusiasm for teaching gardening, having assistant stints on Gardeners’ World, but never a main slot.

Some 20 years later, he has become a mainstay in living rooms across the UK.

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