Gardeners’ World: Monty Don warns Britons to ‘wear gloves’ when removing specific weed

Gardeners' World: Monty details how to weed a wildflower patch

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Lead host of Gardeners’ World Monty Don has shared how to weed a wildflower area. A wildflower area doesn’t have to be plagued by weeds, you can remove more invasive plants in summer before they set seeds. In an episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty shared how to identify and remove dock, hemlock and sow thistle.

He also pointed some of the beautiful wildflowers he has growing in his garden including red clover, campion, viper’s bugloss and annual poppies.

However, Monty also warned British gardeners to “wear gloves” when removing hemlock from their gardens.

The common weed may look harmless but Monty said the plant is actually “quite poisonous”.

He said: “A wildflower meadow needs careful tending. It needs gardening.

“You do need to let the plants that you want to keep seed and to make sure that the plants you don’t want to keep don’t seed.

“This dock is developing seeds and I don’t want those to spread.

“I can put the hoe down at the base of the plant and jab in like that.

“That cuts it off at the roots, I can pull it out and more importantly, the seeds won’t spread and germinate.

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“This plant here is hemlock. It’s poisonous, really quite poisonous.

“You can tell – it’s got these lovely, white umbellifer flowers and then the very distinctive, purple blotchy stem.

“If you have got it, I’d wear gloves when you’re handling it.”

Monty cut the weed from the bottom using a hoe and then left it to fall down.

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“I will collect that up with gloves,” he added.

Next, Monty removed a sow thistle which is a member of the dandelion tribe.

He continued: “Here, we have a sow thistle, they can be a bit of a weed.

“So I’m going to chop that out and I’ll gather that up.”

You can easily remove annual weeds by using a hoe and working the soil with it.

However, if you hoe too deeply you could end up with ungerminated seeds coming up to the surface.

It’s best to hoe and remove annual weeds before they release their seeds.

Annual weeds usually have shallow roots which can be pulled up or cut off easily.

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