Gardeners’ World share homemade lemon juice and salt weed killer recipes for paving

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Gardeners’ often share their tips and tricks for removing weeds and looking after plants. Weeds are unwanted plants that all gardeners will come across at some point in their containers or gardens. They can often return year after year if they’re not eradicated properly the first time around.

However, using chemical weed killers can be both expensive and harmful to the surrounding environment.

It’s likely that if you spray a weed killer accidentally on your own plants, you will end up killing those too.

Using a homemade weed killer with natural ingredients could be safer and less expensive.

Gardeners’ shared two homemade weed killer recipes – one using lemon juice, the other using salt.

But be warned, the site suggested that the homemade weed killers may not be as effective straightaway as chemical-based weed killers.

You may need to apply it multiple times over a few weeks to get the desired effect.

Lemon juice weed killer

The reason lemon juice is an effective weed killer is because it contains citric acid which causes weeds to shrivel up and die.

To create your own, you will need the juice of five lemons.

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If that sounds like too much effort, then you can buy bottled lemon juice.

Simply pop the juice into a spray bottle and aim it at your weeds.

Make sure you spray it on a dry day, otherwise the rain can wash it away.

Gardeners’ suggest using the lemon juice solution on paths, paving, pavements and driveways.

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Salt weed killer

Sodium chloride can be harmful to plants as it can eventually dehydrate them, depending on how much you apply.

Salt impacts the pH of the soil and can have a huge impact on other plants if applied incorrectly.

Gardeners’ World suggest using the weed killer on paths and paving to ensure it doesn’t spread into other soil.

Dissolve one part table salt with two to three parts water.

Make sure it’s table salt not rock salt, sea salt or epsom salt.

If you find the solution is not strong enough, you can strengthen the weed killer later on.

The site said the salt weed killer is “cheap and easy”.

The salt weed killer will kill them permanently eventually.

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