Gardeners’ World share what plants to prune in autumn or risk ‘fungal diseases setting in’

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Autumn is a busy time of year when it comes to pruning bushes, plants and hedges. Plants often need pruning to ensure they don’t get “fungal diseases” further on down the line. Pruning will also keep your garden looking neat and tidy as temperates begin to cool.

Some plants will also benefit from being “thinned” while other plants need pruning now before it gets too cold.

So what should you prune this autumn?

Fruit bushes

Blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrants will benefit from being pruned.

Redcurrants need this season’s growth cut down to just a pair of buds from the base.

Summer-fruiting raspberries will also need their canes cut back after they have fruited.

You can also tie-in the new canes for next year’s crop.

Herbaceous perennials

Delphiniums, lupins, peonies, phlox and autumn asters all need to be cut back.

Tall perennials with dead flower stems and basal foliage can be cut back to create a tidy border.

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If your perennials have pretty seedbeds, you can leave them in place for wildlife.

Mediterranean shrubs

Some lavender varieties and cistus need to be cut back after flowering before winter sets in.

Clip them back using secateurs, getting rid of any deadheads.

This is also a prime opportunity to shape them, giving them an attractive roundness.

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Don’t cut back old wood as this could “kill” the plant, according to the site.

Tender French lavender can be pruned in spring.

Yew hedges

These tough hardy hedges can be pruned later than other hedges.

But if you only wish to prune it once a year then do it in early autumn so your hedge has an attractive shape in the winter.

Ornamental trees

Acers and sorbs have stunning autumn colours but they will begin to fade when the weather cools.

Once the leaves have fallen off, give them a prune.

Over-pruning plants can reduce their foliage so they are less able to make food.

This can allow pests and diseases to access the tree.

Over-pruning your plants won’t kill them but it will add stress so ensure you follow the correct instructions for your plant.

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