Gardeners’ World shares ‘best way’ to clean your decking but warns ‘proceed with caution’

Gardeners' World offer advice on the 'best way' to clean decking

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Large areas of decking can be difficult to clean, especially if they’re old.  If you attempt to clean your decking too aggressively, you could end up damaging it could cost you money further on down the line. Gardeners’ World has shared the “best way” to clean decking without causing damage.

Lucy Hall, editor of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine, shared her expert advice on cleaning decking thoroughly but gently with a pressure washer.

The gardening pro shared how to prepare the decking first, and which settings to use on your pressure washer.

She said: “To clean a large area of decking start by sweeping the entire deck with a stiff, bristle broom.

“Then set to work with a pressure washer.

“Be aware though that pressure washers can loosen the surface of your decking or gouge the wood.

“Particularly, if the wood is soft.

“Try out the washer on a small hidden area first and proceed with caution, but it should be fine.

“Always use the washer on fan rather than jet setting and keep the nozzle about 60cm away from the decking surface.

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“Finally, try lowering the pressure output rating because too high a level can cause damage.”

Other experts recommend creating a cleaning solution using warm water and dish soap.

However, you can also use a speciality wood deck cleaner but that could be more costly than using washing up liquid.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can scrub the deck with a stiff-bristle brush and sponge with the solution of your choice and water.

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You don’t have to clean your decking too often, once a year should be enough.

But regular maintenance will ensure your decking has a longer shelf life.

Mould and algae can be unsightly on decking so the best way to clean this up is by using a concentrated disinfectant treatment.

Using a product like this will help remove the stains while also protecting your decking from re-growth.

Depending on the treatment, spray it on the area and allow it to try.

You don’t need to scrub it off before or use a pressure washer.

After cleaning your decking, you can reseal it.

Some sealers also provide waterproofing and mildew protection too.

However, be sure to research the best products for your decking and read the instructions before you use them.

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