Gardeners’ World shares handy watering hack for houseplants in ‘hard water areas’

Gardeners’ World gives advice on dehumidifier water for plants

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Houseplants have different feeding, watering and care requirements. Some require high humidity and more watering, while others like direct light and minimal watering. It’s important to research a houseplant’s needs before you commit to it.

One way to give your plants some TLC is by giving them “pure” water.

An expert from BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine said: “Water from dehumidifiers is pure so it’s fine to use on your plants.

“You do still need to feed them as normal though.

“Boiled water from kettles left to cool, is also good for house plants, particularly if you live in a hard water area.”

Pure water from a kettle or dehumidifier allows fertilisers and nutrients to be absorbed more easily.

The fertiliser and feed will dissolve in the water.

The plant will drink the water and get a massive dose of food and nutrients.

However, over-watering with pure water could remove nutrients from the soil.

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Pure water is likely to lead to healthy roots and stronger growth as the plant doesn’t have to absorb any additional minerals from the water.

The soil could drip away or seep out the soil and take the important nutrients away from your plant.

Be warned that using really cold water may also not be too good for your plants.

Ice cold water can actually cause root shock which could lead to damage and leaves to drop.

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Hot water can damage plant tissue too so room temperature is the best for plants.

Make sure you water your plants sparingly as saturating them could lead to root rot in some plants.

A lot of houseplants are native to dry regions which means being watered too much will make them suffer.

Wait until the compost is dry before you water them.

Another good hack to stop your plants suffering, is putting them on a draining board or in a sink when you’re watering them.

Take them out of any plant holders or containers without drainage holes so they can absorb the water.

Leaving them in a pot without drainage holes means they will just sit in the water, even when they don’t need anymore.

Water them until all the compost is moist and return them to their cover pot.

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