Gardening: ‘Avoid overwatering at all costs’ – expert tips on houseplant care

Monty Don opens up about his love for gardening

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As more people spend time indoors during lockdown, it may come as no surprise that houseplants have become more popular. Updating interior decor with a new houseplant has been a common trend in 2020 and is likely to continue this year. Plant experts at have revealed the top ten houseplants set to be the most popular in 2021.

The Money Tree, the Peace Lily and Snake Plants continue to feature on the list.

But how should you care for your houseplants?

1. Money Tree

A popular choice, this plant can vary in size which makes it perfect for most indoor spaces.

There are also multiple varieties including the Pachira glabra, the Pachira aquatica and the Crassula ovata.

Plant experts at suggest that the Pachira aquatica, which is native to South America, should be kept in a humid room.

They added: “In dry homes this effect can be replicated by placing the plant on a saucer filled with water and pebbles (the evaporation will enhance humidity).”

2. Peace Lily

Native to the rainforests of Venezuela and Columbia, this beautiful plant can actually grow up to six foot in height.

They’re relatively easy to look after and are another popular choice among Britons.

The Peace Lily should be kept in bright or medium indirect light, according to the plant experts.

“These plants should be watered regularly with a mister and kept in an environment that is as humid as possible,” they added.

3. Snake Plant

You might recognise Snake Plants for their unusual leaves which are tinged yellow.

They are incredibly easy to look after as they like “very dry, desert-like conditions”.

Water it infrequently so it doesn’t become over-watered.

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4. Spider Plant

Once popular in the 1970s, the Spider Plant is making a comeback.

Luckily, they are incredibly “low maintenance” and need very little watering, according to the experts. added: “Waterlogged soil should be avoided at all costs, and they are best kept in bright to medium indirect light.”

5. Bonsai Tree

These are a little more tricky to look after and need to be regular pruned with special sheers due to how quickly their leaves grow.

The Bonsai Tree should be kept in sunlight near fresh air but away from harsh drafts.

Window sills with the window kept slightly ajar are the best location for them.

The plant experts also recommend misting the Bonsai Tree regularly to avoid root rot.

6. Prayer Plant

Known for their leaves folding upwards in the evenings, these plants are lovely to look at.

The Prayer Plant us best kept in a humid area and should be misted weekly, or more in the winter months. advised: “Avoid placing this plant near to any door or window drafts, and the same rule for all plants is that they should be kept away from radiators during the winter months.”

7. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is a great hanging plant which can be left for periods of time in indirect bright light.

If the leaves start to fade then the plant isn’t receiving enough light.

It’s best not to water it as frequently in the winter months but do keep an eye out for curling leaves which may suggest it’s time for a top-up.

8. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant is known for its round leaves which are meant touring good fortune to a home.

This plant grows very fast so make sure to rotate it regularly so it grows evenly.

They grow best in warmer areas of your home but not next to a radiator.

9. Banana Tree

More unusual yet stunning, the Banana Tree is set to be popular this year.

The plant needs to fertilised and watered regularly to maximise its growth.

10. Christmas Cactus

These varieties of Cacti flower for two months from late November but can be kept for the rest of the year too.

Experts at added: “They require frequent and thorough watering but should not be left to sit in water.”

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