Gardening: Carol Klein explains how to plant container raspberries in the ground

Carol Klein offers tips for planting container raspberries

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Raspberries are the perfect fruit to grow in the upcoming months, and make a great accompaniment to a variety of summer dishes. Gardening expert Carol Klein has shared how to plant raspberry plants from containers in the garden. If you haven’t grown yours from seeds then you can pick a raspberry plant up from a garden centre and pop it in the garden.

Carol said raspberries actually grow best in a bit of shade as they grow naturally at the edge of woodland.

She said: “Raspberries actually grow naturally at the edge of woodland so this is a perfect sort of spot for them.

“They’ll get plenty of sunshine too but they’ll cope with this amount of shade.

The gardening expert said she had bought her plants brand new.

She continued: “These are my brand new raspberry canes.

“If you’re buying canes in the late autumn or early winter you can buy bare root canes. Probably get a little bundle.

“They’re a lot cheaper than buying them in these containers but at this time of year that’s your only option really.

“This variety is one called autumn bliss.

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“There are two different kinds of raspberries; those that flower in the summer and those that flower in the autumn.

“You treat them quite differently. Summer ones are very vigorous and need lots of support.

“But autumn fruiting ones will really just get on with it themselves.

“In the spring, you cut them down to a couple of inches tall so they’ll actually flower and fruit on new wood.”

Carol planted four raspberry plants and spaced them around two feet apart.

“What will happen over the years is that they’ll send out suckers and new shoots will come out,” she added.

Carol said the plants will have been in their containers for quite some time and will have a decent root system.

The gardening expert dug a deep hole using a spade to pop them into the ground.

She said you could easily grow them in a container as long as they have a really good depth of soil.

Carol used the cane to lower the plant into the hole.

The top of the plant, also known as the crown where all the shoots come from, has to be level with the soil around it.

She then pushed the soil into the hole and compressed it around the edge of the plant.

Carol removed the canes and then gave them a thorough water.

The raspberry plants are very hardy and will survive cooler weather – Carol even planted hers in the snow.

Gardening with Carol Klein airs at 7pm on Channel 5

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