Gardening: Carol Klein shares ‘traditional’ newspaper tip for protecting plants from frost

Gardening: Carol Klein shares newspaper hack

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Carol Klein’s series on Channel 5 saw the gardening pro share her expertise once again with viewers. The series, which is filmed from her own garden in Devon called Glebe Cottage, will see the gardening expert share advice on everything from growing vegetables to digging up and potting last year’s dahlia tubers. On today’s episode, Carol showed viewers how to grow fruit plants such as raspberries and blackcurrants.

She also shared her tips for planting and growing daffodils.

This year has been unseasonably cold which has made it tricky for gardeners looking to plant outside.

But Carol said fellow gardeners shouldn’t let the cold weather deter them from planting.

She said: “You can still get a cold snap at this time of year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get planting.”

Carol showed viewers how to protect their outdoor plants from frost using newspaper and fleece.

The gardening expert showed viewers her “ghost in the garden” which is a piece of fleece propped over one of her plant pots.

Carol said: “It just goes on at night, and providing the temperature is above freezing, they’ve just got to get used to it.

“They look absolutely champion. Now, I’ve got really quite fancy fleece. It’s just right for doing this – just propped up with these canes.

“But traditionally, if you’ve just put your bedding plants out and then you see the weather forecast and it says there might be some frost, you dash out with newspapers.

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“Weigh them down if it’s windy. Then, take them away the next morning.

“So, that way you can protect your plants, whether they’re in a container or whether they’re in the ground.

“But the great majority of our plants either in the garden or in the wild don’t need any kind of protection at all.”

Carol’s second series is for people with a varying abilities.

She said she wanted the show to be relevant to everybody “whatever their level of expertise”.

She added: “That is the whole purpose of the programme, so even if you haven’t got vast space there will be things to do all the time.”

At the beginning of the show, Carol said when she’s not working, she often spends time in her garden.

She said: “When I’m not presenting or writing about gardening, this is where I spend most of my time.

“And where I’ve been honing my horticultural skills for 40 years.

“Whether you’ve got a spacious plot, a tiny patio or a few window boxes, there’s nothing more exciting and satisfying than creating your own garden.

“From basic to more advanced techniques, I believe anyone can learn how to do it.

“Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced gardener.

“I want to help you develop the skills to make your garden grow.”

Gardening with Carol Klein will air again at 7pm next week on Channel 5

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