Gardening: David Domoney shares best weather conditions to dig up ‘tough’ weeds

David Domoney gives advice on weeding the garden

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Gardening expert and co-presenter of Love Your Garden, David Domoney shared a quick guide to weeding the garden on his YouTube channel last year. The video described the best weather conditions to weed the garden and shared tips on how to control weeds. David outlined which weeds are known as being more “tough” to remove.

He said: “There are some very tough weeds. Things like the nettle because they sprout everywhere and the roots are still in the ground.”

Another “classic example” is a taproot which weeds like thistles and dandelions have.

He continued: “So if you chop the top off, it just keeps growing back and likewise with grass.

“With these, it’s always best to dig them completely out.

“There are little widgers and tools to do this, but I usually find a general hand fork works really well.

“Get right down into the soil and tease it up.

“So they always say, if you’re digging weeds out, do it on a wet day.

“And if you’re using hoes, to hoe over the top, you can do it on a dry day.”

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David said by pulling weeds completely out – root included – is the best way to ensure they don’t continue to spread.

“I’ve always felt that manually weeding is the best control,” he said.

However, some people do like to use other methods.

He explained: “Some people also put black polythene over the top of an area that they’re going to turn into a border and leave that for about six months or so.

“The lack of light kills all the plant life underneath.

“But general weeding with hand trowels and forks is great for getting as much as you can out of the soil.

“If we get the weeds out, it controls them from spreading all over the place.

“And if they spread, it doesn’t only look bad in borders and gardens, but also the weeds take vital nutrients and moisture from the ground which you really need to be going towards the ornamental plants.”

David said to control weeds, you need to do it regularly and take as much of the root off as you can to ensure seedings weeds don’t get the chance to seed and spread all over the garden.

The gardening expert said weeding is also a great physical activity as you’re bending, digging and using your arms and legs to keep fit.

David added: “But in this day and age, where we have a better understanding of wildlife, there is a balance, a dichotomy really, between weeding to make the garden look good and leaving some area a little but wild for the wildlife.”

For more information on how to remove weeds, you can read David’s blog here.

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