Gardening expert explains how to ‘remove annual weeds swiftly’ to stop them ‘reappearing’

Homebase outlines how to control garden weeds

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Annual weeds may not stick around for long but they can be a real nuisance. Annual weeds are known for appearing in the spring and summer months and releasing seeds so they can spread. There are a plethora of methods to oust them, but sometimes the most simple method is the best.

In a YouTube video for Homebaseuk, a gardening expert shared some tips for removing pesky annual weeds.

The video, which was published in April 2012, saw the former Head Gardener at Holland Park, Stella Fear, demonstrate some of her techniques.

The gardening expert explained how to control annual weeds physically.

They said: “Annual weeds complete their life cycle in a single season, perhaps a number of times over, meaning they constantly reappear.

“To remove annuals swiftly from larger areas you must use a hoe.

“Ensure that your hoe is sharp so that the plant is severed from the root rather than just pulled along.

“If possible, choose a dry day so the weeds wilt quickly.

“Once hoed, try and keep the hoe in the upper surface of the soil so as not to drag up more seeds to germinate.

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“If you wish to be more thorough, such as in an ornamental plot, use a trowel.

“Come in at the side of individual weeds to loosen and then pull up gently.”

Annual weeds seed, grow, flower and then release seed before ending their lifecycle.

Some annual weeds like hairy bitter cress do this in a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

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Several generations of the plants can then appear each year.

Common annual weeds include sow thistles, fat hen, groundsel, chickweed, charlock and field pennycress.

But plants growing in the “wrong place” are generally regarded as weeds.

They can often be found in flower beds, borders, lawns, gravel paths and between paving slabs.

Perennial weeds are different as they don’t die at the end of the growing season.

They will be dormant in winter before then sprouting up in spring.

If you don’t remove perennial weed roots, they can reappear year after year.

Perennial weed examples include dandelions, ground ivy and thistles.

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