Gardening expert Monty Don shares how to plant a lemon tree using compost and polystyrene

Monty Don shares his tips for planting a lemon tree

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Gardener, writer and broadcaster Monty Don would usually be appearing on Britons’ screens tonight for another episode of Gardeners’ World. However, due to the death of Prince Philip, the show has been postponed. Monty Don said on Twitter: “I can confirm that tonight’s episode of Gardeners World has been postponed due to rescheduling as a result of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

“I will keep you posted as to when/if it gets another time slot.”

However, Monty has shared plenty of gardening tips and hacks with viewers over the years.

In a Together TV YouTube video, Monty has shared how to plant a beautiful lemon tree using compost and polystyrene.

The gardening expert started by adding polystyrene chunks to the bottom of a pot for drainage.

This will also make the trees easier to move compared to using stones at the bottom of a terracotta pot.

Monty then added all-purpose, peat-free compost to the pot.

To improve drainage even more, he then added an equal amount of sand to the compost.

Monty added: “I spent quite a lot of time in Italy and all the people who grew citrus of any kind, whether they were lemons, oranges, grapefruit, they would never tell me their soil mix.

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“It was always a secret they all had their own.

“But, they all use loam.”

Next, Monty lifted the lemon tree carefully into the pot to see if the tree was the right size and had the correct amount of soil at the bottom.

He said: “That’s about right because we want to place space at the top.

“One of the things it’s good for is watering.

“You want to be able to get plenty of water from the top and it’s quite a good idea every spring to give it a mulch of compost.

“Scrape away an inch or so of the top soil, remove it, top that back up with fresh garden compost.”

While the lemon tree was in its original pot, Monty added the sandy soil mix into the new pot.

He said it may look a “bit odd” to do this but that it can actually be advantageous.

Monty then lifted the potted lemon tree from the compost.

Where the pot had been, a hole had been made ready for the lemon tree to be planted.

“Now, we take this out like that and just slip it in there.”

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