Gardening expert shares best drought-resistant plants for gardeners who forget to water

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This week’s heatwave may have come as a shock to British gardeners who were gearing up to prepare for autumn. The hot weather means certain plants may need watering twice a day rather than just once. Container plants, in particular, will need watering more than once.

But with September in full swing, and the summer holidays over, many Britons may find themselves too busy to water their plants that often.

If you often find yourself forgetting to water your plants, then you may want to think about planting different types of plants that are more suitable to your busy lifestyle.

Planting drought-resistant plants now will put you in good stead for next year and add a touch of colour to your outdoor space.

Managing Director of Gardening Express Chris Bonnett explained which plants are best for “arid conditions”.

Chris established Gardening Express in the late 1990s and has a wide-ranging knowledge of plants and gardens.

He said: “If we’re having hot weather and you’re finding yourself struggling to keep up with watering it might be worth considering some more drought-tolerant plants.

“They are becoming more popular year-on-year because we do have some pretty scorching weather sometimes.”

Chris said you need to look for plants with “silvery” foliage.

He continued: “Things like palms are very tolerant to the higher temperatures we seem to be getting in summer.

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“Plants with silvery foliage – lavender is a good example.

“They can deal with more arid conditions.”

He added: “If you need to have a garden that you don’t want to keep watering, focus on Mediterranean-style plants and foliage.”

So what are the best drought-resistant plants?


Drought-tolerant and fragrant with pretty purple flowers, this plant is a great all-rounder.

Lavenders have silver-green foliage which means they can grow in almost any soil type.

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It can also stand high temperatures and is hardy which means it will survive the winter.

Eryngium (Sea Holly)

This blue perennial is known for its ability to survive in hot, dry conditions and coastal spots.

The plant produces small blue flowers in July and August which can look stunning in sunny borders.

You can plant out Sea Holly from May to September.

The plant is also known for attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Verbena ‘Lollipop’

Verbena has tight clusters of floating purple flowers and short stems.

It’s great for sunny and dry borders and flowers from June to September.

You can plant verbena now and watch bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators flock to it.

Check out for Gardening Express for more information.

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