Gardening expert shares ‘best method’ to remove ‘unsightly weeds’ from gardens

Gardeners’ World: Monty Don gives advice on removing weeds

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Every gardener has their own weed-removal methods, whether it’s using a natural solution or certain techniques. Removing weeds permanently can be a difficult task, especially perennial weeds which have long roots. Now, gardening expert at, Callum Maddock has shared his top tips on how best to remove weeds from your garden.

Mr Maddock recommended using certain tools to ensure you remove the weeds completely.

He said: “The best method for removing unsightly weeds from your garden is using a trowel or a long blade, as this will help lift up any deep-rooted weeds.

“When doing this, make sure you remove everything, including the roots.

“You should then fill the space with compost, making sure to push it deep into the hole where the weed was positioned.”

If the weed was spotted in the middle of your lawn then you can put some more grass seed on the top to cover up the patch left by the weed.

The expert added: “Grass seed should then be placed on top, along with more compost, in order to cover up the patch.”

You can buy a trowel from Tools House for just £2.65 or Amazon for £3.99.

Hand forks and hoes can also be useful tools when it comes to removing weds.

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A hoe can be used while you’re standing up, which can be better if you suffer with a bad back.

It’s to use a hoe on annual weeds where you can sever the tops from the roots and stop them spreading seeds.

A hand fork is preferable for perennial weeds which can have tap roots.

You can use a hand fork like a lever – pushing it into the soil and pulling upwards to loosen the roots.

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Common perennial weeds include dandelions which are often found in lawns and bare soil.

Other common perennial weeds are daisies, meadow grass and creeping buttercups.

Common annual weeds include hairy bittercress, groundsel, chickweed and fat hen.

If you find removing weeds a laborious task, then you could lay some mulch.

Mulch is a layer of bark chippings, leaf mould or rotted manure that can prevent weeds from growing in bare soil.

You can put it on completely bare soil or around plants in your flowerbeds.

Large unused areas can be covered with plastic to stop weeds growing.

If you don’t have plastic, you can use an old carpet.

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