Gardening expert shares common mistake when caring for houseplants – ‘can be fatal!’

Gardeners’ World shares tip for removing weeds from a path

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Houseplants usually involve low maintenance as they don’t need lots of watering, can cope with a variety of light and are used to low humidity in homes. TikTok has unveiled which are the preferred choices for Britons and the best ways to look after them.

New research from flower specialists at Flowercard has revealed the cactus as the most popular low maintenance plant on TikTok.

The humble but spiky plant is indeed very low maintenance as it only needs watering once a week in summer and every four weeks in winter.

Coming in second place is Lavender, a plant with lots of beneficial properties, including its soothing scent, which is said to aid sleep.

The French Lavender is the best kind of variety to keep as a houseplant.

In third place is the Venus Fly Trap.

The carnivorous plant captures preys quickly, becoming the perfect solution to remove flies from your home.

It is also a very easy plant to keep alive indoors.

But for those who struggle keeping plants alive, these are the best tips to look after them:

Flower expert Liam Lapping said: “All houseplants need natural sunlight to survive, but how much sunlight plants need, depends entirely on the individual plant.”

He recommended making sure you know how often you should water your houseplant and “try a quick Google to find out the needs of your indoor plants.”

The expert continued: “To ensure your house plants receive enough natural sunlight, turn off your light to see how much natural sunlight fills the room where your houseplants live – plants cannot feed off bulb light, so make sure your room is receiving enough light.”

“For plants that need a lot of sunlight, placing them by large windows is a great way to ensure they receive the light they need, while shade-loving plants can sit in corners of rooms or on shelves, for example.

“Another tip for ensuring plants get enough sunlight is to use a compass on your phone to work out which direction your windows are facing.

“With the UK being located in the Northern Hemisphere, south-facing windows are the best bet for ensuring maximum light exposure,” he explained.

“When it comes to watering your indoor plants, this will also vary depending on the type of plant you have, though most plants need watering every two or four days.

“As a general rule, smaller plants will need more frequent watering than larger plants, and those sat in sunlight will also need watering more frequently – if in doubt, feel the soil!

“Most indoor plants will thrive in moist compost in spring and summertime but just be careful not to over-water your plants, as water-logging can be fatal!” he said.

“Pots with drainage holes will allow excess water to drain out, and prevent any wet compost.”

The most popular low maintenance houseplants on TikTok

1. Cactus

2. Lavender

3. Venus Fly Trap

4. Money Tree

5. Snake Plant

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig

7. Swiss Cheese Plant

8. ZZ Plant

9. Peace Lily

10. String of Pearls

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