Gardening expert shares ‘easiest way’ to remove weeds from paths, drives and patios

B&Q demonstrates how to stop weeds using newspaper

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Weeds are a common occurrence, especially inbetween cracks or in exposed soil. There are a plethora of methods for getting rid of them but every gardener has their own method. Horticulturalist Adam Pasco has shared the “easiest” way to remove weeds from paths, drives and patios.

In a video for B&Q in 2015, Adam explained how to tackle problem weeds.

He said: “They [weeds] also grow in the cracks in paths and drives and patios.

“The easiest way to get rid of them is literally by hand.

“Get yourself a weeding tool like this and scrape them out completely – root and all.

“It’s quite hard work going over the whole area but it does the job.”

However, Adam said there is an “easier option” than doing it by hand.

He continued: “Get yourself a path and patio weeder.

“Spot treat individual weeds – leaves and all.

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“Let them die down naturally before you remove the remains.

“If you’ve got a large area to treat – perhaps you’ve got a gravel drive or some pebbles – buy a path and patio weed killer that can be dissolved in a watering can.”

Adam recommended using a red can just for weed killers so you don’t confuse it with your usual watering can.

You mix up and dissolve the weed killer in the can and then treat the whole area that is effected by the weeds.

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He added: “Let the weed killer soak right the way down into the gaps and this will not only kill the weeds which are there but it will stop any others growing – usually for the whole season.”

The gardening expert said this is usually a job for the beginning of the season.

He said tackling it at the beginning of the season will keep your paths and drives and patios completely weed-free for the whole year.

However, you can get rid of them at any time they’re actively growing.

He added: “So there you have it, different techniques you can use to control weeds around your garden.

“Hand-weeding and hoeing, mulching and spot-treating weeds.

“Areas like this can be treated with a weed killer to keep them pristine all year.”

Adam has also shared how you can suppress weeds from growing using a newspaper hack.

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