Gardening expert shares hack to ‘eliminate’ garden weeding – ‘saves so much work!’

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Weeding is a laborious task that can take hours to complete. Whether you’re removing weeds from a pathway, a flower bed or your lawn, it will likely involve you getting down on your hands and knees to dig them out the earth. However, there are a plethora of ways you can avoid weeding your garden, if you take the time to prepare.

Flower beds and borders are common hotspots for weeds to take root so to avoid having to weed them regularly, a gardening expert shared a hack to “eliminate” the weeding process.

Morris Hankinson, Managing Director of Hopes Grove Nursery, said adding mulch can “eliminate” having to weed around plants.

He exclusively told “When you’ve planted all your little plants, put a mulch around them.

“It just saves so much work whether you use some bark chips, some coir, lawn mowings or even a weed suppressing membrane.

“Then put some gravel or something over the top.

“You’re pretty much eliminating the weeding around them.”

Mulches are made from dead plant material and other natural materials.

Mulch materials include compost, leaves, bark or grass clippings.

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However, shredded newspaper, wool, animal manure (vegetarian) and sawdust can also be used.

Inorganic mulch is using materials like rocks or gravel.

A weed-suppressing membrane blocks the sunlight which should prevent weeds from germinating.

If there are weeds underneath a weed-suppressing membrane, they will slowly die while the material is in place.

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A weed-suppressing membrane is a great way to eliminate weeds without using harsh chemicals.

Weed membranes are usually made of bonded plastics or textiles.

Stronger weed membranes would be better placed under gravel and stones.

Furthermore, a weed membrane underneath a gravel path or driveway can be easier to walk and drive on.

Non-woven weed membranes made of polyester or polypropylene are less permeable so are better for ousting weeds.

They will also prevent water and nutrients from reaching the soil unlike woven options.

However, some experts claim an unwoven weed membrane can cause the soil to become unhealthy over time.

If you can’t afford a weed membrane, you can always use burlap, newspaper and cardboard around plants to suppress weeds from germinating.

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