Gardening expert shares how to have the ‘perfect lawn’ but warns ‘don’t grow it too long’

Alan Titchmarsh on how to prepare lawn for seeding and turfing

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Keeping your grass looking lush and green can be a huge chore, especially during hot weather when they become notoriously difficult to maintain. Brown and bald patches can start to appear and can make a once well-maintained lawn look dry and weathered. However, Gardening Express expert Chris Bonnett has shared some simple tips and tricks that will leave your lawn looking better than ever.

Mr Bonnett said: “Everyone wants to have the perfect lawn ready to impress when guests come over for a BBQ this summer.

“It is easy to overthink how to care for your grass, often it is the simple techniques that will help your lawn to flourish.

“Regular maintenance is the most important tip above all.

“Don’t leave it until it gets too long or overrun with weeds, otherwise it will be difficult to try and restore it.”

Here are some top tips for a perfect lawn:

Improve aeration

If your soil is too compacted then there may not be enough room for water to be absorbed by the soil and roots of the grass.

Making sure the grass is aerated will create pockets in the lawn for water to reach the roots.

The gardening expert recommended using a garden fork to create small holes and loosen the ground up.

Once you’ve put holes in the grass, watering the grass frequently in small amounts will be essential.

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Don’t overwater

With the height of summer just around the corner, there will be long periods of dry weather.

If your grass starts to look a little dry, that doesn’t mean it needs to be overwatered.

The soil underneath the grass could still be holding a lot of water.

When the temperatures do start to surge, it’s best to heavily water but less frequently than usual.

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If you water too lightly, the water will only reach the top layer of soil while a heavy deluge of water will most likely reach the roots.

Mow at the right time

The gardening expert recommended mowing the lawn once every one to two weeks in the summer months as the grass will grow less when the temperatures spike.

If the grass is cut too short, it can lead to problems such as a decrease in photosynthesis.

Rake off any excess

After mowing the lawn, it’s important to remove any excess grass.

If you leave excess grass on top it can actually stunt the growth of the lawn.

Edge the lawn

The edge of the lawn can be the difference between a good lawn and a great one.

To keep the shape looking neat, tidy and healthy you can use a half moon edge, garden shears or even a pair of kitchen scissors.

Also, make sure to remove any grass overhanging across pathways and flowerbeds.

Feed it

The Gardening Express expert also recommended feeding grass at the correct intervals to allow it to flourish and thrive.

Some aspects to take into account when choosing grass feed are the existing soil, the location of your garden and whether you have pets or not.

You don’t have to feed your grass that often but it can make your lawn look amazing.

If you find you have bald patches on your lawn then sow some lawn seed to make your grass look more consistent.

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