Gardening expert shares how to ripen green tomatoes – ‘uproot the whole plant!’

Alan Titchmarsh offers tips on watering tomato plants

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Gardening expert Jane Perrone has shared her tips for ripening green tomatoes. Jane was working alongside Mash Direct, which launched a campaign to get people across the country growing their own vegetables and herbs. She has also previously shared her advice on how to encourage tomatoes to fruit.

Jane said one of the things you can do is reduce your plant to four trusses.

“That will help,” she added.

“It will hopefully mean that you don’t have fruit at the end of the season that’s just starting to ripen and doesn’t have chance to get red.”

However, Jane said sometimes, even with just four trusses of tomatoes, you can still end up with green fruit.

She continued: “To be honest that does happen and it’s to do with the weather – it’s not always in your control.

“There are different things you can do.

“One of the things you can do is pick them.”

This may not be a technique you would use at this time of year but further down the line, when the weather cools down, picking them off may be your best bet.

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Tomatoes seed is usually sown in late March to early April and can take months to produce fruit.

Some gardeners will find they are getting fruit now while others may have to wait until September.

Jane continued: “If it’s getting to the point where frost is coming and it’s autumn and you’re worried about leaving your plants outside, you can literally cut off the whole truss rather than picking individual tomatoes.

“You can cut off the whole truss and you can hang it up somewhere protected from the outside.

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“But not necessarily boiling hot. If you’ve got a porch or a shed or somewhere, you can hang them up and they will ripen.

“They will continue to ripen in there.

“It gets a bit messy but you can literally uproot the whole plant and hang it up and the fruit will continue to ripen. That’s one thing you can do.”

Another, less messy method may be to pick the tomatoes individually and pop them in a paper bag with a banana.

“By putting them in the bag with the banana they should ripen more quickly,” Jane explained.

“The bananas produce this gas called ethene and it just ripens fruit.

But if you end up with green tomatoes, it may not be all bad.

“The other thing is there are some recipes that require green tomatoes like chutneys,” Jane added.

Mash Direct is an award-winning “field-to-fork” vegetable accompaniments brand.

The brand launched its “Grow Your Own” campaign to encourage more people across the UK to grow their own vegetables and herbs, to increase their vegetable intake and to harness the associated health and wellbeing benefits.

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