Gardening expert shares ‘ideal’ system for watering plants while you’re away from home

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Even the most dedicated gardeners can forget to water their plants once in a while. Going on holiday can also make watering plants difficult, especially if you don’t have someone to come to your house and water them for you. There are a plethora of ways you can water your plants without having to do it manually.

Managing Director of Gardening Express Chris Bonnett exclusively told what you can do to water your plants when you’re not at home.

He said: “You can invest in something like a timer on your tap and connect it to a soaker hose and lay it around your beds and borders.

“Or a trickle irrigation system to water any planters.

“That’s ideal. You haven’t got any worries then.

“It’s just going to come on every day for half an hour or an hour – whatever you set it to.

“Your plants are going to be watered in the garden and it’s going to be fine.”

However, if you find you’re regularly struggling to keep up with watering and your plants, then you may want to invest in some new plants.

“If we’re having hot weather and you find yourself struggling to keep up with watering it might be worth considering more drought-tolerant plants,” Chris added.

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With a heatwave arriving in the UK today, many gardeners may be worried about how often they should be watering their plants.

If you have a watering system, then Chris recommended setting a timer for twice a day.

He said: “I’d have it early in the morning and in the evening.

“Maybe if you have it coming on at 8am and then 8pm for half an hour or an hour depending how hot the weather is.

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“Then you know they’re going to be well-watered.”

Some parts of the UK will reportedly experience temperatures as high as 27C and 28C next week.

The heatwave is expected to heat on Wednesday when it could be hotter than Portugal’s Algarve region.

When watering your plants, make sure you don’t do it in full sun.

You will lose moisture from evaporation.

Pop your potted plants in the shade and water them more regularly than usual.

Using cold tap water for your plants is fine.

Keep an eye on plants that like shade and those that are used to cooler, damper conditions as they could struggle.

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