Gardening expert shares ‘perfect’ herbs to plant outside your backdoor now

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Planting herbs is a great way to add fragrance and colour to your back garden, even if you only have a balcony or courtyard. Not only will they add a pleasant fragrance to your outdoor space but they are perfect to use in delicious summer recipes. If you’re looking to add some herbs to the space outside your backdoor, gardening expert and founder of plant subscription box Lazy Flora, Claire Ransom, has shared her advice on the “perfect” herbs to plant.

Claire said: “If you’re like me, a balcony gardener, I plant stuff on my back steps.

“I’ve got a set of steps and I plant herbs outside my kitchen door and it’s the perfect time of year now to be thinking about putting basil and rosemary, mint, some coriander.

“All of that, it’s the perfect time of year to be planting out little plug plants into baskets that are going to be beautiful and fragrant and perfect for using in cooking through the whole season.

“If you want to plant out raspberries or blueberries, it’s the perfect time of year.”

If you’ve already got plenty of herbs, or perhaps want to challenge yourself with some veggies, Claire has also shared some of the best options to go for at this time of year.

She added: “If you’ve got some outdoor space, and you’re looking to plant out either some edible plants that are going to be beautiful throughout the spring and later in the summer, this is the perfect time of year.”

Now is also a good time to bring any seedlings outdoors as the weather begins to thaw out.

Claire recommended trying to grow chard, carrots and different varieties of lettuce in the ground now.

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However, she warned gardeners to “keep an eye on lettuce” just in case of any late bouts of frost.

Other options to grow now include courgettes and beetroot.

Lazy Flora’s subscription box offers a variety of outdoor plants, indoor plants and edible plants to individuals who perhaps don’t have access to a garden centre.

Every plant Lazy Flora offers has a plant care guide which describes what conditions your plant will thrive best in.

Even those who have a reputation for killing plants can find out how often their plants need watering, what humidity they prefer and when they flower.

Claire founded Lazy Flora in 2017 after finding it difficult to create an urban oasis on her city balcony.

Without a car, she would often struggle to carry bags of compost and delicate plants on the bus from garden centres to her home.

She began looking for a plant subscription delivery service, and when she couldn’t find one, decided to start her own.

Lazy Flora offers both subscription services and one-off purchases.

They will be increasing their indoor plant boutique and range of planters in the coming months.

Their most popular product is the outdoor plant subscription.

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