Gardening expert shares warning over buying basil in the supermarket – ‘won’t last long!’

RHS give advice on how to grow herbs at home

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Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) expert Rebecca Bevan shared how to grow herbs in a 2012 YouTube video. In the video, Ms Bevan shared a plethora of advice with viewers looking to grow their own thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, chives and basil. However, the gardening expert warned fellow gardeners against buying basil plants at the supermarket and planting them at home.

While buying supermarket herbs and planting them in your own pot may sound like an instant fix, it could cause problems down the line.

Ms Bevan said: “If all you’ve got is a sunny windowsill indoors then basil is the thing to grow.

“Now, you can buy this from the supermarket but it won’t last very long.

“To produce a nice, strong plant that’s going to last right through the summer and autumn, it’s best to grow it from seed.”

Ms Bevan used a small, terracotta pot filled with compost and sowed three basil seeds.

Once the seeds germinate, the gardening expert said the one that looks strongest is the one you leave in the pot.

“I’ll probably either remove the other two or plant them somewhere else,” she added.

She then watered the pot and put it on a sunny windowsill for them to germinate.

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Ms Bevan also explained how to plant other herbs in the garden or in containers too.

She said: “You can grow a really wide range of herbs in containers and that means you can plant up your own miniature herb garden for a patio, balcony or windowsill.

“The important thing to do is to group herbs together that have the same requirements so rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano.”

The RHS gardening expert said these herbs are all Mediterranean herbs so they’re “ideal” for a pot in the sun.

Ms Bevan chose to plant them in a big container filled with compost.

She continued: “I’m going to plant the thyme, rosemary and sage together.

“So knock each plant out of its container and then just plant it at the same depth as it was in the pot.

“It’s important that they’ve got space to grow – about three times their size.

“That’ll probably take a year or two.”

Ms Bevan then recommended watering the herbs and adding more compost if the soil shrinks in the pot.

For shadier spots, the horticulturalist recommended planting chives and mint.

She said they’d be “really happy in a lightly shaded position in your garden”.

“In fact, if all you’ve got is a shady windowsill, the mint would be idea and it’s a good idea to plant mint on its own in one container because it will take over anything else,” she added.

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