Gardening expert shares what flowers you can plant now ‘after main planting season’

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While summer may be coming to a close, it doesn’t mean your garden has to take a back seat. There are plenty of shrubs and flowers that will liven up your garden this month. From fuchsias to fragrant lavender, your garden can still be bursting with bright colours and pleasant scents.

Managing director of Gardening Express, Chris Bonnett has explained which flowers you can plant now to add some colour to your green foliage.

Chris explained: “It’s still fine to plant flowering plants and shrubs.

“If you do find you’ve got spaces, you can still add flowering plants.

“If you go for ones that are hardy, they’re going to flower next summer as well.

“You get them now but you get to enjoy them for many years then as well.”

Examples of plants that bloom every year include lavender, sedums, rudbeckia, geraniums and phlox.

However, not all these species are appropriate to plant now.

Chris also said if you buy flowering plants now, they may not always have colour over the next few months so it’s best to add things into your garden that will flower at differing times for year-round colour.

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He said: “If you go around traditional garden centres and you pick out all the things that look nice and are flowering at a particular time of the year, three months later you might not have any colour.

“So then it’s about adding things that are looking good at a particular season throughout the year.”

Chris suggested planting lavender and hardy fuchsias now as they are more likely to last.

The gardening expert said: “A good thing that is flowering right now is things like lavenders which are very tough and hardy and reliable and really much-loved.

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“You’ve got hardy fuchsias, they’re very popular.”

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, hardy fuchsias can be planted now but planting them from autumn to spring can make the vulnerable to cold damage.

Chris said lavenders and fuchsias are examples of plants that are “looking good right now”.

“If you plant them they will thrive every year,” he added.

Another example of a plant that is flowering at the moment is echinacea, which has an unexpected benefit.

Chris explained further: “They’re also known as purple coneflower but they come in other colours as well. They’re quite popular.

“As an added benefit, people make tea with the leaves as an immune booster.”

Crops that can be sowed now include ruby chard, pak choi, onions and garlic and broad beans.

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