Gardening expert suggests ‘early morning watering’ to stop pests from damaging your plants

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Horticulture expert Calum Maddock from has shared his advice for keeping pests away from your plants. Watering and cramming your plants together in limited space could be contributing to your plants’ poor health by attracting pests. Pests including aphids, slugs and ear wigs can cause serious damage to your plants if left untreated.

To prevent damage to your vegetable or flower garden, you must implement pest control methods:

Avoid cramming

Small gardens are often prone to being crammed with plants – but this may not be healthy for your flower bed.

According to Mr Maddock, most landscapers advise against cramming because it can be “detrimental” to your plants and can attract pests.

Some pests are attracted to tightly packed plants, as they offer heat and cover from predators.

The best way to avoid crammed plants is to make sure they’re spaced evenly and have access to air circulation.

Air circulation or a good breeze can prevent pests from reproducing and eating their way out of plants.

Bugs are also less likely to settle in cold, breezy habitats.

Morning watering

This is an unusual tip that Mr Maddock says is a “great way to deter pests”.

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Watering your plants in the morning means they will be fully hydrated when the afternoon comes around.

Temperatures in the afternoon tend to be higher so making sure they’re well watered means they’re less likely to wilt.

Watering in the morning will protect your plants from pests who like distressed plants.

If you water your plants in the early morning, it will also ensure your plants have time to dry.

Damp flowers and leaves can also attract pests like snails, slugs and earwigs.

Insects and pests can spread disease and viruses in plants.

Young plants are especially prone to be damaged if they are not deterred.

Aphids, also known as greenfly, can be washed off with a hose.

Insects like slugs can be picked off by hand.

Some pests can be beneficial to plants, so you don’t necessarily need to remove them.

Hoverflies, lady birds, bees, butterflies and moths should all be encouraged.

Pollinator and predator insects can help manage pests and help maintain a healthy garden.

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