Gardening experts share ‘chemical-free’ 27p hack ‘found in the kitchen’ for killing weeds

Weeds: Safer detail natural ways to kill unwanted plants

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Dealing with weeds can be an arduous task that can take hours depending on how many you have. Often, the best way to ensure your weeds are gone is by getting down on your hands and knees and pulling them out manually. However, this can be repetitive and can put strain on the body.

To avoid using chemicals and pulling them out manually, some people have recommended using household or more “natural” solutions.

A spokesperson for said: “There’s nothing more disheartening that seeing hours of hard work in the garden ruined by pesky weeds that seem to sprout from nowhere.

“There are loads of commercial products on the market that will do the job in killing the weeds quickly, but most of these contain potentially harmful chemicals.

“Not only are these homemade concoctions a chemical-free alternative, but you’ll also save the expense of store bought products.”

Table salt or sodium chloride is a natural way to kill weeds without resorting to damaging chemicals.

You need to make sure you use iodised or non-iodised table salt which is table salt, rock salt or sea salt.

You can buy table salt from ASDA for just 27p or from Tesco for 35p.

According to lifestyle site The Spruce, you need to make sure the salt is applied carefully.

The best way to apply it is by mixing it with water – some recommend starting off with a 3:1 water to salt ratio, while others suggest using a 1:2 mixture.

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You can add washing up liquid or vinegar to the mix for an even more effective solution.

Salt kills weeds by dehydrating them when it is absorbed by a plant’s roots.

But be warned, salt will not just kill your weeds but your other plants too.

When spraying the solution onto the weeds, be extra careful not to spray it onto surrounding areas.

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If you’re putting the solution down in areas with other plants, perhaps start with a weaker solution.

But if you are applying it between patio stones, crabs or in areas without other plants, you can use a stronger solution.

Apply the salt water to the foliage of the weed and avoid soaking the roots.

Give any plants nearby a good drink to flush out any salt water.

In a 2016 YouTube video from Safer Brand, a gardening expert also recommended using salt to kill weeds.

They said: “A weed killer found in your kitchen is salt.

“Mix three tablespoons of salt, just enough warm water to liquefy the solution.

“Salt kills weeds by causing dehydration.

“But it also makes the soil barren so only use this weed killer in areas that you don’t want any vegetation like a stony path.”

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