Gardening: How to keep wasps away when having a picnic in your garden

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With the weather turning warmer and summer on its way, more and more people are enjoying the outdoors. One issue that comes with being closer to nature though, is being closer to wasps.

Al-fresco dining is perfect to try out in May as the weather is turning warmer and lockdown is easing.

However, some insects, such as wasps, are attracted to the smells of food and are likely to cause you nuisance when eating outside.

Luckily, pest control expert at Price Your Job, Walter Murphy, has shared his top tips on how to safely get ride of wasps while having a picnic.

Whether you are allergic to wasps or simply want a peaceful outdoor experience, there are simple ways to keep the insects away without causing them or yourself any harm.

Walter’s first tip is to avoid swatting.

The pest control expert said that the worst thing you can do when you see a wasp is to start flapping your arms and hands.

These movements can enrage the wasp, making it more likely to sting you.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to stay as still and calm as possible.

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Do not kill the wasp as doing so will emit pheromones that will attract other wasps to the area, worsening the situation.

As well as being attracted to strong food smells, wasps are also drawn to bright colours.

Therefore, try to avoid wearing bright clothes when having your picnic and instead opt for a neutral outfit.

If you want to keep wasps away in the long run, it is advisable to avoid planting colourful flowers in your garden, as these are wasps’ favourite type of plants.

Another tip to keep wasps away while eating outdoors is to burn citronella candles.

This is a simple way to repel wasps without having to kill them or spray chemicals around your food.

According to Walter, these candles release a fresh, distinctive odour that will make the food that you’re eating difficult for wasps and other insects to find.

Most supermarkets and hardware stores sell citronella candles, and the tealight versions are the most practical as you can put them in jars or candle holders and place them around your garden.

On the subject of smells, another way to keep wasps away with distinctive odours is by planting strong smelling plants in your garden.

Walter said that wasps detest the powerful odour of some fragrant plants, such as fresh mint, ground coffee, cloves, and tomato stems.

These plants will not only repel wasps but will also enhance and beautify your garden.

You can also spray peppermint oil around your picnic area.

To do this, simply shake a tablespoon of peppermint oil with four cups of water in a spray bottle.

The last resort to removing wasps safely from your garden is to call a professional.

If there is an active wasp nest in your garden, pest control experts can deal with it for you as they have been trained to do so.

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