Gardening: How to spruce up your garden for summer – expert tips and tricks

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Despite temperatures remaining cold across some parts of the country, there are still plenty of jobs Britons can be doing in their gardens. From tidying up flowers to maintaining the grass, outdoor spaces shouldn’t be neglected at any time throughout the year. In fact, March is a great month to start preparing the garden for summer. 

Gardening expert Heather Barrigan from has outlined what you should do to your garden now. 

She explained: “Now spring is upon it’s time to get back into gardening in time for summer get-togethers (pending lockdown restrictions). To help you get started, here are some spring gardening tips to spruce up your landscape.”

Tidy up time

The expert explained that now is a great time to tidy up your garden by cutting back dead plants.

Heather said: “The first and most important thing you need to before planting any new flower is tidy up your garden. 

“You should start by fixing flower beds and borders by removing any dead leaves and debris. If you notice any dead growth on plants, you should cut it off to allow for better growth.

 “Try to clear your flower beds and borders enough so you can see bare soil, then add any dead waste to your compost pile, making sure there are no weeds in sight.”

Pruning is also best done now, to prepare for new growth in trees and flowers. 

The Royal Horticultural Society said: “If your plants flower from July – October and are deciduous, then you can prune these plants in spring.

“Food reserves from the roots will soon send out new shoots which then tend to flower at the end of the new growth.”

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Grass maintenance

With the UK experiencing rain and frost in the colder months, grass is typically left untouched throughout winter.

However, now is a great time to bring it back to life and start maintaining it.

Heather explained: “If you have left your grass alone all winter, you will have noticed a significant amount of growth that can become unruly-looking. 

“To neaten up your garden, you should mow the lawn, however, be careful, as this can disturb and compost the soil. 

“To avoid this, you should wait until your grass before trimming the grass, or if you are unsure, you could hire a professional gardener to check for you.

 “Before cutting the grass, you may want to rake the surface. This will allow you to uncover and remove dead grass, which is preventing growth. 

“Once this is complete, you should test the soil and reseed the grass if necessary.”

You should also get a good lawn mower to make the task easier.

Start sowing 

In order for flowers to be colourful and blossom in summer, March is a great month to start planting them.

The expert added: “Once your landscape is completely clear of any unwanted debris, you should start planting summer flowers and seeds as soon as possible, especially geraniums, peppers and aubergines, as they take much longer to grow. 

“However, when doing this, you need to ensure that the seeds are kept under a heated but manageable temperature to ensure the plant’s growth potential is consistent.”

The Royal Horticultural Society recommends waiting for the soil to be warm and moist before planting seeds.

The website explained: “As long as the soil is warm and moist, seed can be sown and it will germinate quickly. In practise, this usually means either mid-spring to early summer.

“If you can provide the crop with protection, such as cloches or fleece, sowing can begin in early spring.

“Likewise, regular watering will make it possible to raise rows of seedlings in the height of summer.”

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