Gardening: Lawn pro explains how to mow ‘parallel lines’ in your grass for ‘stripe effect’

Homebase offer advice on how to mow a lawn

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There is nothing better than a striped lawn with even, straight lines in varying shades of green. In a large garden with a lot of grass, a striped lawn can look truly stunning. However, achieving the manicured look is no easy task.

Before you start mowing your lawn, you need to check you have the right type of lawnmower.

In a 2012 video for Homebase UK, an expert explained how you should safely inspect your lawnmower.

They said: “To inspect the underside of the lawnmower, always rest it on the oil sump otherwise you will flood the engine.

“Whatever kind of lawnmower you’re using, make sure it’s turned off first.

“We’re using a lawnmower with a rotary blade and roller.”

Rollers are nearly always found on rotary lawnmowers and are perfect for creating that striped look.

“It’s the roller that produces the striping effect,” they added.

The roller works by flattening and being the grass as it’s being cut.

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It will then change the angle at which the light reflects off the blades of grass.

This is what makes the grass look like it’s different colours.

According to the expert, this type of lawnmower is suitable for “nearly all types of lawn”.

They added: “Start by checking the blade can move freely.

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“After doing this, gently right the lawnmower.

“Ensure you have enough petrol – if you run the engine dry it will damage the carburetor.

“Never fill the tank on the lawn as any spilt petrol will burn the grass.”

Once you’ve checked over your mower, it’s time to start mowing.

Homebase recommends you start at the edge and mow all the way around your lawn perimeter once.

When you’ve done this, it’s time to start mowing from one end to the other

The expert continued: “To achieve a striped effect, you will need to mow parallel lines back and forth across your lawn.

“When turning at the end of a line, lift the blade by leaning on the mower.

“There should be no gaps in between the lines.”

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