Gardening: Monty Don shares simple trick to prevent Camellia buds from ‘falling off’

Gardeners' World: Monty Don details how to water camellias

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Monty Don is a British gardener, horticulturist, and writer best known for co-presenting BBC’s Gardeners’ World. Monty often shares gardening tricks and tips on his social media channels, including how to prevent Camellia buds from falling off.

Every week, Monty shares a video on his Twitter account of things to do in your garden that day.

In one of his latest videos, the Gardeners’ World host shared a top tip on how to correctly look after your Camellias and Rhododendrons.

The garden expert said it is important to properly water your flowers to make sure their buds don’t fall off.

Camellias can also turn yellow if not cared for.

Monty explained the best way to water your flowers.

He said: “To prevent the buds of Camellias, Azaleas, or Rhododendrons falling off before they open next spring, it is important to make sure that these plants are well watered.”

Monty stressed that it is imperative to water them “now and for the next six weeks or so”.

This is a task you should be doing every week, especially as the warm weather remains.

Monty advised opting for rainwater instead of water from the tap.

Collecting rainwater in a bucket in your garden is a good way to be more environmentally friendly.

The Gardeners’ World host said: “Use rainwater if you can.

“And give them a good soak once a week.”

Growing Camellias is relatively straightforward, but there are other tips that can make planting them even easier.

Another familiar face in the gardening world, Alan Titchmarsh, recently shared useful tips to prevent Camellias from turning yellow.

He explained an acid to neutral soil should be used when planting a Camellia.

“They don’t like chalky or limestone earth, they go yellow if they’re grown on chalk, so they need a good acid to neutral soil.”

The Love Your Garden host added that Camellias shouldn’t “get too much early morning sun, as it can brown them in cold weather”.

“They’re a bit frost sensitive,” he said.

However, when placed in a sheltered spot, “they’re gorgeous.”

Camellia flowers appear early in the season and come in whites, pinks, and reds.

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