Gardening: ‘Simple techniques’ to help your lawn ‘flourish’ this summer – expert advice

Gardening: Expert gives advice on caring for plants in a heatwave

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Garden lawns can often get out of control and hard to manage, especially with the unpredictable weather in Britain. When it is warm, brown and bald patches can start to appear, and it can be hard to know what to do with the issue.

Experts at Gardening Express have shared their tips on maintaining lawn throughout summer.

Chris Bonnett from Gardening Express said: “Everyone wants to have the perfect lawn ready to impress when guests come over for a BBQ this summer.

“It is easy to overthink how to care for your grass, often it is simple techniques that will help your lawn to flourish.

“Regular maintenance is the most important tip above all.

“Don’t leave it until it gets too long or overrun with weeds, otherwise it will be difficult to try and restore it.”

The first way to help maintain a green lawn is to improve aeration.

The experts explained: “When soil is too compacted there is no room for the water to be absorbed by the soil and roots of the grass.

“Aeration is a great way of creating pockets in the lawn for the water to trickle down and reach each layer effectively.

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“Using a garden fork is ideal for creating small holes to loosen up the ground.

“Once this process is complete, watering the grass frequently is essential however, in small amounts so that the grass doesn’t get overwatered.”

Mowing it at the right time will also ensure a healthy lawn is maintained.

The experts recommend adjusting the frequency in which the grass is mowed for healthy grass growth.

The experts said: “As we move further into the summer months and the weather gets warmer, the grass will grow less as a result.

“This means mowing should be kept to once every one to two weeks, so that the lawn itself maintains an even and aesthetic length. If the grass is cut too short, it can lead to problems such as a decrease in photosynthesis.”

After mowing, it is also recommended to remove the excess grass that hasn’t been picked up by the mower.

This is because if it is left for too long, it can stunt the growth or new grass areas.

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The experts added: “Not only this, but it can save your lawn from looking untidy when guests come over.”

Lastly, feeding the grass can help it flourish and thrive this summer.

However, it is recommended to feed it at the correct intervals.

The experts said: “When considering what to feed your grass, it’s important to take into account the existing soil, garden location and whether you have any pets or not.

“This doesn’t have to be done all that often, but it can really help to elevate the look of your lawn.

“Also, making sure that you place more seeds in struggling patches of grass will make the lawn look consistent and less patchy.”

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